When I am asked why the world is at war, as with most people, my answer is the children.

This post is for those that think it is about Orange man! It is time for You to see what it is all about! Many of those people, that You call “conspiracy theorists” are wondering if the truth would kill You! To spare You the trauma, they keep some things from You, but it is in plain sight! I reason.

I have held back long enough, time is short!

So let me show You a story that all of Us ” Conspiracy theorists” wearing our tin foil hats, have known for some time. From the time You were young, You have been told about the other world, but You thought it was all about “Sci-Fi”. You reasoned that the movies were fiction, but are they? You have been entertained by Hollywood’s movies, and may have wondered how anyone could have such a sick mind, as to imagine such horrid things! Maybe You have been told about other dimensions! Maybe You agree, maybe You don’t! I contend the other dimensions contain the spirit worlds, those worlds we can’t see!

Honestly, If You believe in God You must, in faith, believe in things You can’t see!

If You spent time in the Bible, as a Christian, or studied other books related to Your religion, You have read the stories about the evil one! As a Christian I have read the account of Eve and the tree of all good and evil. How the serpent tempted Eve. So none of what this video has to show, should be far from understanding for a Believer. I believe that any religious man or woman, has the same knowledge, so none are excluded from the above statement.

So in recent years We have used a word We never really spent time dwelling on. But today we use the term “Draconian measures” almost daily in current events unfolding. But wait! haven’t we been entertained by the Count Dracula?

If there is life out there! The famous show that used the phrase “We are not Alone” might also be an expose of truth! Even the famous show Star Trek comes to mind.

Enough about introductions! A warning!!!

This video is graphic!

This video is Disturbing!

The contents of this Video can be avoided for now, However not for much longer! Your exposure to this content is not going to be avoidable for much longer! The longer You avoid it! the harder it will be for You to digest! (pun not intended)

I suggest Sitting Down while viewing this Video! This video was not made to entertain You, but to expose You to truth!