OK! I get it. You thought I was talking about Car manufacturers. Well to make it clear, Ford didn’t make it into my list, mostly because I am talking about the world’s big four, and not autos.

Rather, I am talking about institutions, Who has had their hands in everything? That is the big question.

When I was Young I saw holes in our financial system in the US! I considered that the time might come where We would all be speaking Japanese! Then without warning Japan’s economy failed! How did it fail so quickly?

To then I started seeing something wrong with the way the political system was selling us out to China! This to was troubling to Me. Once again, I started to wonder what language would become My native language.

What I have learned in the last couple of years is the issue I saw was not one country against another, rather a world issue!

The thinking that I could stay low profile and live like the German civilians during WW2 was a fantasy I had that had no backing. The Georgia Guide stones, obliterated that idea. The plandemic that was planned early in the millennium, made what was in Georgia a solid possibility!

How can we make sense out of the information we are getting? Why the push for inoculations that are proven ineffective, and more deadly than any vaxx in recorded history? Why the Draconian measures? Why the police brutality? And most of all, Why is the Media hiding the truth from Us?

So far I have given you search topics in this post, that would keep you busy for a while! I have been down the Rabbit holes already! After all I am not writing this post because I didn’t ever want to know the answers!

At one point You are going to need to do research to verify what you are watching. This quite long Documentary will answer these questions. If You ask Yourself how can we overcome this evil? In time you will understand The evil has already been overcome, and We are the benefactors of those actions. If You don’t gain total respect for those that have fought the battle for You, maybe You will go down with the evil ones! I don’t know!