Because I am retired, and so are the people I run with. We have all day long to search for information. Our time is spent sharing information and our talks go like this.

Hey Joe, You hear anything new today?

Yah Kevin, I did, this is the link, check it out.

Hey Joe, I sent that link.

Oh, Well Kevin, You know I read a lot of links, can’t remember who sent them.

No problem Joe, thanks for thinking about Me!

Because that is Our days! We easily forget not everyone has our luxury, and some are new to the flow of information. I started this site because of this very thing. I remember when I was awakened, and I didn’t understand what people were saying.

In the beginning everything was new! So as I looked at every truth tellers web stuff. I saw a lot going on. As time went on however, it seemed like what was happening slowed down. Even though I knew things, in fact, were speeding up.

The flurry of Dates, seem to be the most confusing! These dates discourage many people. It could be said that;

It doesn’t matter When, It only matters that!

The Anons, were taught how important it is to look back for proof. I think the wording is “Future proves past”. That of course is out of context, but it has plenty of meaning for Us. Actually that statement is the way to know things are happening, that everything is on course. You will have to figure that out Yourselves.

I only bring this up because Carlo Maria Vigano wrote a letter to Donald J. Trump on October 25, 2020 that I reference as important to read. This letter is important for many reasons. However I am only focused on these things:

  • Without the Alliance and DJ Trump we would likely be dead, or all brain dead according to Carlo.
  • The letter is a good reference to how things are moving today! (proof of accomplishments, if You will)

The Link I offer up today is a good read in completeness, but I only reference one drop #4941 So scroll down to it! published on Oct 29, 2020.

After You read the jpg letter, I would like You to think about what has changed!!

May God Bless!