1 of 2 – The Reveal

To the way back machine. I was a young lad in my early not yet teens. My feet on the heater grill, my hands in slightly warm running water. I was gritting my teeth for the pain. I was thawing out at my Grandparents house! As the pain fades in my hands and feet after nearly freezing, I sit at the table and am treated to a hot tea and Grandma’s oatmeal cookie.

I would like to say that this was a one time occurrence, however it wasn’t. It was an obligation! I had just finished the delivery of 1 square mile of customers. I was delivering ink and paper, old school news papers. The benefits were the goal, a little of that Mon-eye.

Nice story, but what has that to do with The Reveal? Well, physical pain is hard to deal with, the same is true with mental pain. Even though many are saying why is change so slow coming, The truth must come slowly.

You surely know someone that has lost their mind over mental trauma.

The pain of being lied to at times, is lighter than is the truth being revealed! If you question this, ask someone who knew there was something wrong, and now looks down at their loved one dying of a gun shot wound. A slow troubling reveal would have been much better to deal with.

Now for the truth!!

If Your expecting a Rapture it is to late! You are in the Revelation. Does your preacher teach the Book of Revelation?

The book was sealed to our understanding until now! Well OK until the Revelation started, that has been a while now. For Us we are receiving the truth slowly, so we don’t find to much pain to bare, as we learn about the lies.

Here is Truth! In the very beginning of our history, as we know it, Adam and Eve partook of knowledge. Both Good and Evil, and this is when the lies started. This is the time that Man gave power to the god of lies over the earth! It was this moment that marks all distrust! We have been told that this god is reptilian in nature!

We have through this reveal, learned that all royalty are impostors, and they work for this god of lies. It is with this knowledge, that we can conclude that most acts preformed by them have an element of lies, designed to deceive Mankind, no matter the man’s persuasion.

Due to the nature of this subject, it is time to give pause! If you read between the lies lines, You will be ready for the next installment.

Till next time