I need to clear something up! I have been told that I am putting out links that don’t work.

I can tell you I have joined Telegram, and some very tightly controlled channels on that platform. If you find some of my links don’t open, it may be you are not on Telegram, or you installed Telegram from one of the play stores. You must install Telegram from the Telegram website to view all content. Yes the Google and Apple apps censor Telegram content! The only answer is to install from the Telegram website.

However, that being said, if you will send a message via comments on my posts ( don’t worry, I am not monetized, I will not be using your information, ever!!!).

Because this sites cost is on me alone, I have chosen to make it bare bones!

I don’t pay for anything that is not needed to get the word out! What does that mean? I don’t pay for certificates, this is the reason I don’t have an HTTPS site, I only offer an HTTP site.

What does that mean? Your browser may say this site is not secure = Not HTTPS, but because I don’t collect funds here, offer anything but text and links to information, or offer sales this is not a problem for you.

If you want to help; Tell me if you find a spelling error, if you find a link that will not open, or anything else that is a problem with my posts. I check them with my computer and phone, but others have told me some links don’t open. This may be because some links are guarded and only open if you are subscribed to a service. If you found information you think important to the end goal, I will check it out and forward it here, so Comment below the post what is the problem, and I will seek to fix it. Only a few comments make it onto a page, And only if the commentor says it is OK to post.

My mission statement is as follows:

  • I feel it important to share information.
  • To this end, I will continue this site.
  • When this current situation is over, So to, will this site be closed!
  • I will not receive funds to keep this site going, from anyone, EVER!!

The Truth is out There! I want to offer that truth up, so You can prepare for the future, and do what is needed to have a part in it!

May God the Creator bless You and keep You.