Sometimes history is worth remembering! In all cases history is worth repeating remembering! This can be done by watching history more than once over time!

I don’t know how many times, You and I both have said, Oh! “I have already seen that”. This is the point! It was drummed into me, as a youth, that we must not forget history, or we are doomed to relive it!

The problem with that statement is that we are prone, as humans, to forget!

Even with things as they have been, and the speed things have happened in the last several years. There are so many things, those that are awake, have forgotten. This seems to lull us into complacency.

I would like to submit, that most of us could not recite the events that have brought us to this time. Yes we know about “false flags”, we know about the lies, We know about the Truck convoy in Canada. We know that bridges are reportedly collapsed by the MSM, that are not collapsed at all, (models make good movies, and lies for the evil media). We know that the truckers around the world are staging the same kind of events. We know we must overcome this Evil plot against Mankind! Thank God he moved on the Truckers hearts!

Every time I have a moment, I look back at what has influenced me in the last couple of years. Every time I review an old video, I am brought back into a state of understanding! Those views that time dimmed, light has refreshed. Most of all, I am refocused. Today I can see how fast the White Hats are moving to win the battle! If you don’t feel like you are seeing enough change, watch this All In One video!

Forget that advice, no matter who you are watch the video, It will rejuvenate your resolve!

Learn from it, You must revisit the past, to move into the present! Almost sounds like a quote from a Q drop, right!