When a leader tells his country on nation wide TV broadcasting! Then it has to be good right?

Have you been called crazy lately? Well I have, and much worse! Do I care when someone asks to see my foil cap? I think not! This is called projection! Why is it called projection? Well let’s think about that for a minute.

When I look at someone that is pale in color, and they tell me they are fully vaccinated. When I have feelings of sorrow, I am projecting, What? In my mind I am thinking, Wow, I sure am glad I did my research! I didn’t get vaccinated. I am projecting my thoughts and feelings on them about this death shot!

They too are projecting their thoughts on me! As they consider what I have said, things that make sense, they think in their minds, Oh I wish I had done my research, What do I have to look forward to?

Everybody will have to come to grips with the lies that have been told to them. Whether or not you believed the criminals. If you have believed the lie, you have to come to grips with the outcome. Honestly, although all will die according to the Bible, knowing that you have hastened your life, is hard to deal with.

On the other side of that same lie, those that didn’t believe the lie. They are confronted with the early demise of some of their loved ones. Although both sides of the fence will suffer the consequences of the lie. Grace is given to those that will remember nothing, as their life will be cut short. Those that did not fall for the lie. Well, they will remember and shed tears for their friends, and loved ones, for quite some time.

Try to understand each other in this horrendous plandemic, of false information on the parts of the WHO, @Fault-chee, fake-media, fake-administration, the medical industry with big pharma. Don’t forget to blame Big Tech, for their part in censoring, as well as the education industry for their part in brainwashing several generations.

Guilty are those that have known the plan and promoted it!

Of what you ask? Violation of the Nuremberg Code

Those of us, that didn’t fall for your lies, will be coming for you!

Blame yourselves, if you took the shot against warnings, and refused to research.

Now leaving no one out! You can blame yourselves, if you knew better and did not get the word out to all you knew, for the fear of what people would think of you!

Wow!!! Your still with me? This is the information I wanted to share with you!