We are going to talk about Revelation today.


Today’s content is not suitable for those under age!

In the day of Adam and Eve, they were created without cloths. But because they were tempted by Satan, God gave them cloths to hide their sin. Hummm! I guess we all are created that way!

Between 4 and 9 months, what you have been doing, isn’t hid by clothing anymore, Just saying.

Through Sorcery(Farma), Satan introduced ways to hide the sin, and this brought about the age of “Free Love”. or Free for all sin! Not all people joined in, but to many did. What was taboo, became common, to the detriment of society and mankind.

But There comes a time when all things are revealed! How it is revealed, I believe, sets your destiny depending upon if you repent, or are exposed. So let me be clear! I am not preaching! I think everything happening around us today, is a War of Good and Evil, so I must put this up front. I feel, like it was in the beginning, it is today! The age of free love introduced a form of normalcy to something that should not be exposed. Understand that I know it has been there from the beginning, just not “In Your face”, as it is now. I am setting a time line. Hopefully explaining the theory that Big Farma, and those that push it, are evil.

All The above text brings us here! https://t.me/JFK_TV/7353 This link is graphic! If you have children you may choose to watch it before you let them see it. In my opinion, protecting people from reality suppresses hope! But everyone that watches this will understand what this war is all about!

May God bless You and keep Your family safe!