I would like to talk cell service today!

I do know that years ago, Ham radio operators had to understand that radio waves are harmful! In order to be a ham you had to pass a test that covered this. Cell phones seem to be approved even with the FCC’s knowledge of the RF problems involved with them. All cell phones use RF and all cell phones cause problems for the user.( If you question this do a experment. Don’t charge at night, turn RF devices at night, and tell me in a week if you are sleeping better!) However 5G systems use an even more harmful wave length, that harms at a much lower power level.

It has been said by some insiders, that the phone itself does not transmit in 5G. It is said that the tower has equipment that can direct the wave to someone that has a 5G capable phone. Steve at bodyalign.com has this article on 5G, and he knows frequencies, and he knows the effects well. I am not affiliated with Steve, I just feel he has good information.

The FAA is concerned about the 5G roll out! If you are in a flight path, close to the Airport, you should be too. Honestly, the number of pilots that are up to date on the clot shot, 5G or not 5G, I would be concerned if I lived at the end of a runway! But, that is me, because I believe in safety. I hope that an aircraft has shielding that will protect the instruments from microwave, but only testing will tell. Further testing is likely needed to determine if the pilots are protected from 5G as they approach our runways.

I would like to introduce you to this video that explains better what I am thinking, but there is more! The video has valuable information, all the way through, so listen to it all. The glitch on the camera is important, and the discussion at the end of the video is a must see.

I however may want to discuss something that was not mentioned. It may be they overlooked the possibility, or were not wanting to go down the rabbit hole.

I understand not wanting to go down a lot of the rabbit holes that I consider, but to be informed in this day, is more important than leaving them uncovered. I look at rabbit holes more like land mines, If you want to know what to watch out for, or want the opportunity to diffuse a mine, then you must explore them.

I personally don’t know if planes are shielded well enough from 5G. If they are not, then these things must be considered.

  • will a failure of equipment when exposed to 5G result in the plane crashing.
  • will exposure to 5G in a shot up pilot, result in death.

Keep in mind that a good percentage of pilots have been shot, to the level considered to be up to date. Also consider whistle blowers in the industry have been spilling the beans about pilots falling dead behind the stick after receiving the jab.

Look at this as a label warning possible hazards. In the not to distant past, The governments of the free world, were there to protect the citizens of their countries. The Government agencies like the FCC and FAA have a job to stop private businesses from tech that could cause harm. Yes! I do remember a time that the Government did at least show signs of protecting the people. Sadly, today the people don’t seem that important to them.

You are on your own! I don’t know where you are safe from the criminal arm of the evil elite, But I am looking for that place.