I have a theory!

We have looked at individuals as being super smart! Let’s call them genius, if you want! But were they? Or were they in a position of knowledge.

I will only mention a few, but the stories are known of many.

The largest database of knowledge was under the Vatican! The so called US patent office (owned by the Crown), is a close second! The longest running knowledge base was under the Vatican, Many centuries/ millennium, really.

Because the USA inc(now defunked). was the military branch of the Cabal, the resources of knowledge were quite extensive.

To the point!

I follow Clif High (really quite brilliant), He seems to be quite the enlightened soul! He studies a lot. And because he was a (as he calls it) army brat. he studied with his Dad on military strategy. You could say, as a young kid he had access to a wealth of knowledge most don’t. I don’t discount the fact that he still studies to gain understanding. Just that at a young age he realized, that knowledge was kept from most of us. He also learned where to find what was needed to understand the world around him.

In passing, we hear that many of the great inventors spent their young life working in places like the patent office, that makes us wonder if their inventions were really their own, or maybe what they brought into public knowledge was known before them.

Because I want to make a point, I won’t expound on, but two people who seem to possess great minds. First was already mentioned, Clif High, the second is Nikola Tesla. He was supposed to have access to the Vatican Library as a child. Could it be that he learned about suppressed information as a child? Did he, in fact, just attempt to help mankind, by producing/releasing this knowledge when he grew up? Remember that on his death, his property was quickly raided to hide his work.

I am convinced that the worries over “National Security” is code for “Cabal Security” and has nothing to do with the security of the populous.

In recent years we have been promised the release of over 6000 suppressed patents. Are these patents from London owned USA inc. patent office? Or do we need to go back further? Think under the Vatican.

  1. We know that “The fall of the Cabal series” tells us about a history going back to the beginning of time as we know it.
  2. We know that the head of the one world government is the Cabal, and it’s three heads are London, Vatican, USA inc.

But it may be good to go way back! Back to the day before written records, back to Adam and Eve. For this record we realize that:

  1. written history was non existent (at least to our knowledge), at the time.
  2. The garden of Eden was beautiful!
  3. That this, created couple, had no cloths.
  4. That Eve didn’t eat an apple.
  5. That after Adam and Eve partook of all Good and Carnal knowledge, God gave them clothing to hide their sins.

It is speculated that the 1611 version of the Bible, was modified to hide what really took place back then, and hide even more information than that.

The point I want to present is this! We know from what was printed, Adam and Eve possessed the knowledge of “all” good and evil. Satan equated this as being like God!

Have you ever looked at it that way?

King Solomon was given the promise of being the smartest man ever to live(past and future, a promise of God), So I ask, are we more evolved than King Solomon?

Do you remember the Quote “there is nothing new under the Son”?

When we talk about “the great reveal”(revelation), When we talk about suppressed knowledge. Are we talking about suppressed patents, or are we talking about suppressed knowledge given of the Creator God from the beginning of time?

I believe that the “great reveal” to the people, and the “Revelation”, in the bible are one! I believe the suppression of knowledge, has been an act of the Evil, Satanic, Cabal to influence man so Satan could enslave and rule over us. I believe the reveal is feared by Satan and his minions(the Cabal), but need not be feared by those that have not flipped over to the evil (Dark) side.

It is important that Good people everywhere, shine their light on darkness. This is done by sharing what you know with others. Keeping positive about what is going to happen, increases the frequency of your soul. so keep up the good work. And may God bless You. All will be accomplished in God’s time!