So lets look at this for a minute.

  • Ford makes cars and hires 175,000 People (only one example).
  • There are 25,000,000 square miles of inhabitable land world wide, 57,000,000 sq. miles total.
  • The Cabal wants to reduce the population to 500,000,000

What we talking here!

In 1800 the estimated world population was 1 billion, 2 billion in 1900 (Source Wikipedia). So you get it! right?

Sustainability is not an issue to these evil people, They want slaves. They don’t want very many cars or such(read COVID-19 the great reset).

So if you get rid of all the cities, you will get 20 people per square mile. That makes 10 families (that don’t have any kids) per sq. mile. We could forget offspring, because the kill shot would take care of that. That is why we hope for a win soon, right?

There is hope though! Just because the Deep State elite envision this outcome, does not mean they will be given the opportunity to complete their plan. I am convinced that they will not, and that the SOC formulated a plan to stop them in their tracks.

Today there is an estimated 8 billion population on the earth. It may be time to consider how many people the deep state had planned to kill. It is estimated that if the kill shot was stopped today, they would have failed in their effort to kill 7.5 billion people. They would only have been able to kill 1.4 billion! If the Killing fields last till 2023 that number is estimated to be 4.5 billion, That is over half of the population, and it would continue. The source is Mike. His video is only one of many sources I have found this information on, but He gives a good enough record, I leave the research to you!

I must confess I had already made up my mind to use this title 8/14 yesterday, before I listened to Mikes video, but he added to my thoughts before I had the chance to do this article. My article was intended to offer hope and an insight you may not have thought of. I have been thinking this through for a couple of days, so each day, I have had to add links. I believe that my thoughts are not only mine. Many others are coming to the same conclusion.

This is what I hope you come away with:

  • The death toll of 1.4 billion is bad, but 7.5 billion is worse!
  • All wars have a death toll to our dismay.
  • The Shot! is not like a bullet, but rather, it is a mine!
  • If their had not been a war, the death toll would still be 7.5 billion, and we would not have had a prayer, Because there is a war going on we do have hope!

As I have written in other posts, we are only living what has been planned for a very very long time. Although we were lulled into a trance with our Mind control boxes, praise be to God, we’re not all in a trance! Those that were not, for whatever reason that may be, devised a plan to save the world! Along the way some others were awakened, and got rid of their Mind Control boxes, to do research, and join the movement, to help cancel the plans of the Cabal.

Just a note:

You will hear some tell you that they don’t listen to that evil box, they just need noise because a quiet house makes them uncomfortable. I tell you, the siren call of the box, is more than noise! It is the call to do, that that no one would do, if not for the siren’s call. If the thought about noise was true, these people could listen to other things, and find joy in it. It is not just Noise! it is mind control suggestion! If you are lured by the siren, remove the TV from your home, why be tempted?

So the SOC has been at war with the Cabal. They have been planning for this war for many years, some say as far back as JFK. Some say longer, others, a shorter period of time. No matter the war has been in the making for years. Most people say the battles are almost through. If we know what to look for, we can see things happening.

On to the topic that prompted this post.

People are concerned that Trump has been pushing the Shot. They are unhappy that Warp Speed was put into play. If you are concerned about that then maybe it is time for you to consider this!

Welcome back! Now that your back from watching the video! Yes I know it was long, but well worth the time spent, if you wanted to know what is likely happening. I bring some rational to the table. No decisions we have made, or had to make, could change anything. But know the following.

  • Being confronted with the numbers, We can thank the Lord that someone chose to make the decisions on our behalf (the hard choices).
  • Without God’s intervention mankind would be on their last breath, we can read about it in Daniel, Mathew, and Revelation. Yes we are living it!
  • That rather than 7.5 billion people dying world wide, The evil one, and his minions, will be removed at a cost of only 1.4 billion estimated souls. I say only, but the price is very high!
  • note that although Clif High has different numbers than I. That DJ Trump has offered lower numbers of saved lives than Clif High. One must consider that if DJ Trump had not been recruited for the Job, The numbers would have been 13 out of 14 dead, and all humanity would be under slavery by now.

The reason that is so is Trump acted in such a way as to bury the Cabals evil plan. It may be true he made choices that cost lives, but without his actions, Mankind would have been extinct. Yes! God Won! And in his wisdom he used a Man! A man named Donald John Trump.

If you are having trouble grasping this concept I suggest listening to this again. In my book the numbers of 2 or 3 out of 14 dead sounds much better than the alternative!

Even still, we must include more souls in the destruction. We must eradicate evil from among us. This number are the evil souls, those that chose to sell their soul to satan. They too will parish! Think Nuremberg Code!

May God bless DJT and the Alliance.

They did deliver us from Evil!