If Your like Me, dates are just there to be able to put things in chronological order. That being how I see it I will not give dates, as others have if your interested in dates.

This post is to imprint an idea into your mind based on all the findings others have brought up, as well as a theory I have formulated.

First I bring up a book authored and published during Obama’s years in office. That book titled “COVOD-19, the great reset”. For those that had knowledge of the title, The label given to sars-cov-2 was a terrifying tail.

Trump’s Label “The unseen enemy” defines a group of people that are known as the unseen enemy (he was not labeling a disease as the unseen enemy). But you likely didn’t know what he was talking about, don’t feel bad, most didn’t. Who then is the unseen enemy? Today we know them as puppet masters, the most wealthy of the world, the elite. This brings us to Covid-19.

We will start with a puppet! Dr Anthony Fauci! Patents for the sars cov 2 virus were applied for years before the book covid-19 the great reset. the patents were also applied for for the death shot they call a vaccine. This should help you understand how long ago they developed a death shot vaccine! The timeline shows the industry had time to do all pertinent studies about safety and efficacy, but they didn’t! You may be asking, why? You can download a free copy of “COVID-19 the great reset” to find out why.

Remember that the leaders have been talking about this great reset for years. The first time I heard about it was with Bush. But I would not argue with someone that produced video before “the Bush” mention of it.

Cutting to the Chase!

Big pharma had years to test this new model vaccine. The failure to prove it safe put a block on development, and the declaration it was not safe enough for humans. But a plan by the “unseen enemy” found an inclusion. What a way to depopulate a world who’s population was getting to large to safely control. Bill Gates had a TED conference, now deleted, where he talked about using a Vaxx to help with depopulation. The Georgia Guild stones tell the story, 13 out of 14 is the depopulation agenda world wide. But this is not the point!

Because the Bio-weapon “Sars-Cov-2” was known about because of patent Years ago! and the people in the know knew how it was going to be used, A plan for a real vaccine was in the making, unknown by the criminal Cabal. Researchers knew and were working on the answer.

When Trump was in office he tasked the US military for the roll out of a safe and effective vaxx. The problem is that The Criminal Cabal put un-elected people in office that attempted to derail his efforts. Even as the Army is rolling out a safe vaxx, the push by those criminal un-elected officers, try forcing as many uninformed people into the hands of the eugenicists as they can.

If Trump’s efforts had not been overthrown by a coup d’état The number of deaths would be far less. At this time we can only hope that devolution wins out over evil! I am confident it will as I see what is happening as Armageddon, and the Lord wins!!!