So today, My first post of 2022 I am moved to talk about the posts done by others, where they talk about Russian Roulette. Before I start though, I am not an authority. I am only bringing thoughts to the table that others have presented. I am not giving medical advice, only sharing what has been presented elsewhere on the net.

Most frequently they refer to ones chances when taking the shot! Let me explain. The thought is via. the serial number One is safe, most likely a placebo. The number 2 is a flue shot. Number 3 is the kill shot. So under this theory, one has a one in three chance of dying on the first dose. Just like the real game, each time you pull the trigger the lower your chances of survival. So to be considered fully vaccinated today you must have received a booster. That is, three shots from a 6 shooter! They are thinking they will get you to pull the trigger four times very soon, for the quite viral Omicron, that is not very deadly! The link below has a different view on this roulett thing!

But it is time to talk about un-vaxxed Russian roulette:

If you are around the vaxxed very much, you will likely get what they took! It has been observed in studies, it is talked about in forms you signed if you were in the original study group. So let’s say you have a 50/50 chance of contracting what they are transmitting because you didn’t stay away.

With a well maintained body full of D3, Zinc, B, A, C, quercetin, magnesium, and so on. If you do get infected, your body will fight it off in most all cases, if you get it at all. You will then have natural immunity to fight off it, and any variants that come along. Sadly those vaxxed individuals will not be immune for the variants. The question I have is will the 6th pull of the trigger be met by a blank if you make it that far, I hope so.

With the survival rate of those that get the sars-cov-2 virus, on the worst case situation of 96.x chance of survival. If you get the virus that doesn’t have a test to determine you have it(CDC no longer authorizes the PCR test). If you pulled the trigger on a hundred round clip 50 times your chances of a round with death results would be 50/50. But that is only if you contract this “does it really exist” virus.

Because we don’t even know if it does, and, if your not sick you can’t transmit it. Staying clear while your sick keeps you from transmitting anything. The answer for this plandemic is stay clear of those that appear sick, don’t intentionally enter into a game of roulette. Refuse testing with an invalid test(PCR).

OK! Why this post, and why talk about Russian roulette? because this discussion video Tells us how the vaxx in nothing like Russian Roulette. You should see for yourself. But you might do better to also listen to this video before you continue with what I am going to say next! Well OK, you can read this post first, then visit the videos!

Because of all the lies, the predicted outcome is quite dire! What will need to be replaced in the coming years? The consensus is everything of authority we thought we could trust will need be replaced! I do believe that this is true, but I meet the future with optimism! I don’t think this is the end of the world, only the world we have known all our life! How you move forward will depend on you!