I have been asked already how I could see into the future. I didn’t think I would get this question till after the impending crash. This story will be long. One reason is I have been asked to make my posts longer to help the new followers of this event filled day we live in. I hope you find this reveal interesting, and useful in your life.

How I knew!

I confess, I didn’t vote for Trump! I didn’t vote for Brandon either! I haven’t voted since Nixon. I decided If I was going to be a subject of The King, the Christ, I couldn’t vote for a man, and was baptized into Christ in 1976.

However in November 2020, I became a Trumper when I woke up on Nov. 4, 2020 and saw what happened to the tally While I slept. I watched everything I could on the subject and now I am completely convinced! I was not political, Now I am! It does not matter what you think of the man. What matters is your vote should not be stolen by thief Cabal actors! GET THAT STRAIGHT IN YOUR MIND!

But what about all this Jab information, you ask?

I was deathly sick back in Oct. 2019. Most people around me figured I was soon to be six foot under! I had Hantavirus, was the conclusion. All I could find at the time was there was no cure, you made it, or you didn’t.

A very good friend who’s first name is Joe, told me about Bob Beck’s protocol. I started with his protocol and was able to recover enough to do more research. My friend also directed me to Mike Adams site called Naturalnews.com.

Mike a prepper and a man that believes in natural cures, vitamins, quality foods and such. What made him stand out were his guests. Mike knows science(real science) and was totally against the Main stream media’s B*$&#*&t.

Even still I was a Masker even if Mike told me it did no good. I was sick and wasn’t taking any risks! I did believe that if I stepped into a hospital I would likely be killed by their death squads. Zinc and the act of throwing away the masks, was what finally cleaned up my system. Or as some would say cured me. It took till almost September of 2020 to find Zinc on the store shelve, they were either sold out or were not stocking it. Today I believe many things were not available intentionally to raise numbers, but at the time I didn’t know what to think.

I was taking Dr. Zelenko’s protocol, before I heard of him. I watched all the videos I could find and followed every option talked about, to make my system strong again.

I overcame a virus using the suggestions made by reputable Doctors that have been discredited by the MSM, CDC, FDA, and the WHO. Yes I have reason to believe what they say!

I came to believe that The numbers were not correct! The numbers did not correlate with the world stats year after year. I wondered how the flue season just disappeared. I wondered how all stats for the year 2020 could disappear and covid stats grew. But the numbers were explained by the Truthers. They showed me what I already knew in my mind, but MK-ultra hid.

“With, is not Of Sars Cov 2!!!”, or the China Virus! So you know the real name for the bio-weapon is Sars Cov 2 not COVID-19! COVID-19 The Great Reset, is a book in print, long before we were introduced to COVID-19 in 2019!

You can order the book online if you question it exists.

As that sinks in, and as you listen to those you listen to, and realize, You are better off not listening to MSM, or Big Tech! Find your news on the Web! I have published a fairly comprehensive list of those I listen to, in another post recently.

When people ask me why they don’t see this stuff on their favorite news channel, all I can say is, the MSM, and big tech don’t stray from the Deep State narrative! The Deep State Narrative is to kill 13 out of 14 people on the planet so they can control them easily! Use Duck Duck Go and search for the Georgia cap stones.

There is only one answer for “How did I know”. The Question should be How did they know? Because they(the truthers) informed me!

They knew because they were in the position to know, and questioned what they saw! They did research to get answers.

I knew because my life depended on my doing research, I needed a cure for my deadly disease, as did Joe before me. The regular channels we think to follow, said no cure was available. This same response was given for Sars the corona virus. This response came from Dr. Falsy, even if the research he signed off on, stated HCQ would kill all Corona Viruses. This fact was brought up by Trump at one of the first information town halls, over the so called pandemic. Go figure the Cabal wanted it discredited without a reason other than no Vaxx would be introduced.

The number of Doctors that went against the DS narrative, even if their reputations were ruined by the DS media, and big tech, lead me down a discovery path of research. How could these highly respected Doctors feel that what they worked all their lives for, was worth less to them, than getting the word out?

Put bluntly, I knew because I needed to know!!!

They knew because their jobs exposed them to the falsehood being pushed, so they did the research, and took a stand for right!!!

Your life too, is in danger! You need to know, That is if you want to live!!! You need to help others to know, if you want any of your friends and family alive in the future. The shot is a Kill shot, OpenVAERS.com/covid-data Shows the proof of that.

The question about why they want to kill everybody is simple! They are evil!!! No other answer is available. One of the evil spirit mediums stated they are doing Gods work, they are the Gray horse of revelation(the horse of death). Mind you that they may want to blame God, but God allows free choice. Just because he allows evil, does not mean he sent it. That should clear that up for you! He only knew as the all knowing God where evil would lead, he did not make this happen, Man, and Satan did!

As the last two years have unfolded all the Truthers have become closer to God the Creator of heaven and earth(imagine that). This war we are in is not about Republicans and Democrats! This is a war of Good vs. evil, and the bible tells us God is the winner! That being the case! The bible also tells us that, if you seek you will find. The responsibility is on your shoulders. Your time is short on this earth! It is time you consider your salvation, as most truthers have.

Do your research!