I say no to just another cast system! If we are entering into a golden age of mankind, that is, if it is the golden age of mankind, we should be brought into an age of love and abundance. Why? Because that is what is promised.

Let me explain!

A Note: I have used Man as the Bible does, I speak of Mankind, and not gender specific. All mankind is created in God’s image, Therefore on equal ground.

If we have mores, and have lessers, then we have casts. If the value of one man’s contribution is considered less than another’s, then we have casts. In an age of abundance, we should strive to help in Love, not by what we get. Anything less is working for a wage, and nothing better that what we leave behind.

If a man can not choose his line of work, without financial consequences, he will not choose what he loves, but rather that his profession pays enough to live at the standard he wants to live. This is the problem with our present system, and is a system that builds greed.

If a business owner takes no risk, what is the reason he should receive more, He is doing what he loves and he stands no chance of loosing!

At the same time a laborer cleaning the floor, has given of his time and a contribution to society, is his time worth any less?

Is one that has been given mechanical ability, worth less while learning to benefit society in the future? Both the master craftsman and the apprentice are giving of their time to benefit society. Both are producing goods!

These cast based ideas, are ideas of a society we are seeing crumble, and have seen through out history. As we move into the golden age, if that is what it is, we should be casting our eyes on the light of the world. We should be seeking to be the light, and showing love for others. The desire to fulfill our needs, and help others should be the theme as we go forward.

In closing.

If we can’t give up our greed training, If we can’t learn to help in Love, then we will never advance forward to another dimensions, and become more Christ like!

We have been told about Nesara/Gesara, The time of equals if you will. A time where no one is without. A beautiful time for sure! But we must remember that our involvement in society will be how goods make it home. How we rebuild, will determine our destiny! If we give away our new found freedom! If we don’t Work in Love. We will likely not be victorious.

From my observation(my view). Welfare mentality has come from the Cabal’s desire to break people.

Further I have seen the retired among us wanting to once again have value. Many find value helping others as they go about their daily lives.

As I understand things

Med-beds can fix broken people. When people can be fixed, and can not be held back by the financial system, I believe miraculously, in the blink of an eye, we will see once broken people smiling and helping others and being productive knowing what they create can never be taken from them again.

As for retired people! People want to retire because they have been controlled all their life. They want to be free to do what they have always wanted to do! Any creation is productive! I have seen many retired people who are more productive after retirement than they were before they retired. Why? because they do what they love!

Consider this!

If you are young, and you are doing what you love, are you not living the dream of retirement? If abundance flows in your life, would it be required of you to slave, when you wanted to fish? Would you find time to give to the love of your life(work), as well as visit nature?

Could it be said that the weak will be made strong, The slave will be made free! Could it be said with the promise of Nesara/Gesara and the things like Med-Beds that the sick will be healed, and we will be in need of nothing.

If you have been working toward your twilight years. Would you be disappointed if you didn’t have any twilight years? Rather from the day of Nesara/Gesara all your years would be the dream you had for those twilight years.

Would you trade all you have, for more than you ever expected?