Every thing needs be done if we are going to have a great future! We did read in the Bible that the Shepard won’t leave any of the heard behind.

Think about it! From the beginning we saw the declaration that “Where We Go One, We Go All” or WWG1WGA.

There will come a time, I believe not to far in the future, You will not be able to join in the Job of Humanitarian. Should Your heart have been touched to be in a position, to help mankind ascend into the 5th dimension, something that all mankind needs, to meet their full potential. You might find it useful to visit the QFS2020.com website and start reading. Then make a move to get ready!

For everyone else that is wondering why things have taken so long, remember another declaration. “Trust the Plan” it’s not our timing, it’s the Lords. When all events have been finished, so will the plan be finished. So Chill!

When everything is in place, all “I’s” dotted and crossing of all the “T’s” So we will live in the results.

It’s a great time to be alive!