Three years ago, I had no idea! I thought Fiat was a car, that’s how little I knew.

so for a preface let me explain what Fiat is:

Fiat is elaborately printed paper, much like a news paper. And much like the news paper once you have looked it over, it has no value. The only thing printed paper has for a value is a persons opinion of it, or accepted value in a community.

As an example. If you are poor and want to wrap a gift for someone, you could wrap the gift in newspaper, or maybe some Fiat. This would give it some value on the used market. Or if you could withstand the fumes from the ink used, you could decorate the walls of your tar paper shack.

Much of the time Fiat is the same. Unless you can find a value for it you may only be able to decorate or burn it for heat. Here are some examples of Fiat value:

ADN-ZB Deutschland In der Geldauflieferungsstelle der Reichsbank in Berlin. (Aufnahme: Oktober 1923) 6823

You can find information about the civil war dollars and later year US Fiat here.

Although the people responsible for this condition pitted people against each other, They financed both sides, or facilitated the fall. History for these actions go back as far as you can go. Taking the time to read This series will give the full just of it. However we won’t go all the way back here.

Some very hard to digest history can be had on this subject by sticking with US history, and even still we will avoid much of it. We could go back to Washington but will only go back to Lincoln, this is all the further we must go to get a grounding and a story line. The truth is all of our wars have been financed by the Cabal.

Although we were set up for Hyper inflation from the beginning of the US. The final stage of economic collapse got the green light With Roosevelt where he took the Gold out of the hands of people and declared us debt slaves.

After JFK tried to correct what Roosevelt did, and was killed for his efforts, acceleration to the failure of our Fiat was guaranteed. Later acceleration by Nixon! He took us off the gold backing of the Dollar, that lead to inflation. With each passing hour, inflation is increased by reckless spending, assured by infiltration of the governing powers of all the worlds governments. Even without the reckless spending, by design of the Fiat structure, and Roosevelt’s actions, Our Hyper-inflation is guaranteed.

Let’s take pause!

Now I will get to my point.

After our independence we needed currency infusion to build America from the ruin. These funds came from the Cabal.

Without these funds we would have had a situation like that of Germany after WW1. Remember that after WW1 no effort was made to rebuild or help the German citizen. What was raised out of despair was WW11. My reason I put the Pictures of the 20’s German conditional fiat to illustrate the conditions! Take another look above.

After that WW1 error (if it was an error), after WW11 we helped the defeated nations rebuild, to avoid leaving them in the same situation, thus avoiding another war(or so they say). Note two things! One is the world is ripe for Hyper-inflation (notice the Zim above for an example).

Two. When this Hyper-inflation hits. Without outside help to help us understand Fiat, We will be doomed to something worse than the Dark Ages. The Governments of the world know this! The Cabal, or Illuminati (you choose the name), are not in favor of the plan to move forward. We really are watching a war between evil(Darkness, Devil, Cabal) and Good(Light, creation).

When the War is over, and evil is flushed down the drain, the inhabitants of the world(all nations), will need to rise from the ashes that the Cabal created. No remaining Nation will be able to help, because the Cabal created Fiat has failed and all nations have been their victim. Literally everything will need to be made new.

The Bible has given us an account of what has been transpiring, and what will transpire!

I have come to believe that the Nesara/Gesara is of Divine origin. It is obvious to me that the Divine are answering the prayers of the masses in captivity/slavery(debt slavery). It has become obvious as more evil is being exposed daily, that Light has come on this earth. That No matter how dyer things appear, Our future is with much hope through the efforts of the angels of the universe, and the will of God.

I find it amusing that a symbol of darkness will be used to usurer us into a brighter future (This useless piece of paper, with writings of 100 trillion Zim on it’s face). As Humanitarians exchange this paper, the value of these souls will be assessed for future service to mankind. All mankind will benefit, because a few came forward, to serve the many.

It has been witnessed that the Cabal has stolen enough from the masses, to return 5 million to each and every soul on earth. I believe that the plan of Nesara Helps us evolve into an economy of Love exchange. I believe that the efforts of those Humanitarians, will bring all people into this final Love economy.

I believe that the Creator knows 5 million in each hand will only leave everyone poorer than when they got it, for it would not be a form of exchange for anyone. It is for this reason I look in awe at the works of God, for He wants no one left behind.

WWG1WGA Trust the Plan!!!