You may be thinking that I am regurgitating information about Epstein or Maxwell, but you would be wrong!

It’s not that they aren’t the largest known pimps in the world of pedo’s, because they are. The exposure of those that used their services and island is going to rock the world!

No we are in the second installment in a sequence. The first was “The Whore”. You can read that by scrolling down the blog to the last post!

Because virtually all whores have pimps. We would like to give you some mental exersize. Think of all the government officials that pimp big farma.

How about all the big businesses that are pimping her lie.

  • think about all those corner drug stores.
  • Think of the industry of Medicine, and the doctors pulling their pads out pushing her wares.
  • Think of all the Employers telling you they expect you to protect yourself and others with false pretense, against your will, and better judgement.

All Treating you like a hormonal teen being brought before the whore saying, “I bring the innocent, send back the defiled!” Remember! Your Body, Your right to stay a Pure Blood! It is better to be unemployed that to be defiled by the whore.

A quick question. Do you think I said whore enough times that you will remember who the whore is?

Have I defined the Pimp well enough that you will be able to see them for what they are?

Till the next time when we introduce the Groomer.