Last of Three!

  1. The Whore
  2. The Pimp
  3. This one, the Groomer

OK, I get it! You are beginning to think I am paying to much attention to the big pedo case in the courts right now.

Truth be told I am watching for an outcome, and what better time to point out what is going on with posts that sum things up.


for our purposes, a groomer is an organization that prepares children to be exploited by evil doers, as did Maxwell.

However that is only pointing out what one person did. We present an organization that is grooming our children in the following discussion.

  • Meet the school system.
  • Meet the main stream press.
  • Meet the infiltrated Governments of the world.

These outstanding groups(cynical statement), have done the following things, and so much more over hundreds of years. Typically a Groomer is what prepares a child to become a whore. However we have repurposed the term groomer to do the following:

  • prepare our children to blindly follow orders no matter how unlawful the act is.
  • You are not off the hook, No your not, children have been prepared for many generations to accept what was going on around them as they grew into adults.
    • It has not been your fault, We all have had to wake up from brain washing. A red pill is required to wake most from this horrid sleep.
    • However if you continue, and don’t help others see the light, it is on you too, You become complicit in the crimes.

Meet the school system!

It is subtle in the school system. First they require Vaccination to attend. This act is recorded in the brain of children to accept shots as ordinary, common, nothing to be resisted. (Please understand that even the first shots were a lie, do your research into Louis Pasteur! in particular look for information about his diary, where he confesses his fraud.

Your children are shamed into accepting what the authority says, even if there is proof what they say is wrong. The reward is a better grade for parroting what this authority figure is saying.

  • This beating down is consistent and intentional. From the beginning of the first class, children are being taught that only higher learning counts.
  • That teachers and other government authorities know what is best for the family, and parental authority, and knowledge is of less importance than what the government has for them. This by the way is true no matter what education the parent has.

If the parent is diligent in learning what is going on, They may be able to counter the damage by explaining truth is more important than the “goals” the educator has for them.

The concerned parent will likely choose something other than “Free public schools” bought and paid for by “Government”(you will see the conflict soon enough).

Meet the MSM (Main stream media):

The press uses techniques developed by your friendly government called “MK ultra”. If you have no idea what I am talking about open Duck Duck Go, search with the words MK ultra and go down a very deep dark rat hole. I promise when you find your way back, you will be a very concerned, and fully awake person. Well OK maybe not awake but on your toes and doing more research. Maybe you will be like others and start spending more time on independent, digital warriors information locations.

Now to the meat! If you have asked yourself why is the media not publishing this information? Then it is time for you to get serious about what is real from fake.

Starting with the fact that both The whore(big farma) and the pimp(The Government, and Big business) use the Groomer(MSM) as a propaganda machine(mouth) to convey their message to the populace.

Make no mistake, TV has a meaning. “Telepathic Vision”. The idea for the different terms you have allowed into your home are as follows. You have turned on your TV(look above) that you can choose the “Channel” you desire to be “programmed” with. Don’t laugh, it’s true!

From the beginning these terms were chosen because of what they represent in our language. Many people that are concerned about the way this tech is used have unplugged the set. They have quit listening to or watching video from providers that sensor content. It is hard to come to good conclusions when all the facts are filtered by people that have an agenda!

That being the case, we look to information that is presented in it’s entirety, rather than those outlets that sensor. To add to the injury, consider this! The sponsors that pay for your programming are the Farma, and Government that want you programmed for their benifit, not yours.

Meet the Governments of the World!

First things first! My lifestyle lends itself to meeting people from all walks of life. You could say I live a close to constitutional life as one could hope for in this day and age. This is important because I meet many people who are what is known as critical thinkers.

in the 3rd quarter of 2019 I got sick, deathly sick. I have come to the understanding I was poisoned by my environment. A friend of mine introduced me to Mike Adams website, that I might find a way to fight for my life. Not willing to roll over and die, I studied his website and found many things that might clean my system. I thought I was building up my system but later found the crux of the issue, I was poisoned.

I was fortunate to have found that, and other resources, just in time for the plandemic. By the end of Trumps term, I had recovered and had discovered that something as simple as D3, C, Zinc. could help my system stay off the scare. Of course these low cost supplements were censored by the CDC, FDA, IINH and most regulatory government officials.

So was born the Death Shot out of the censorship from those that are supposed to be there to serve the people. HUMmm! Our Government serving the whore!

So when you became aware of the VAERS database, operated by the CDC You were told by the MSM don’t look here! the Data can confuse you, you must be highly educated to understand the data. This leads back to your school days! Don’t question authority!

When you discovered the OpenVAERS website you were told that their are to many unreported cases to be accurate(WHAT?). Now I ask you, If the numbers are under reported does that mean thousands of reported cases are invalid, or that the numbers are much higher than reported?

No! What it means is that the whore, and the pimp, have told the groomer they must convince the controlled, that they need another session under the covers of the whore! Even though when opening the open VAERS site tells you that the Jabb is very dangerous/deadly.

Remember I told you about MK ultra? Remember how I told you The school systems were designed to lead you? Remember that to enter school you had to be indoctrinated to accept(yes even with deadly and harmful) shots. That the schools are designed to crush your self will and to submit you to teachings that your parents and your gut told you was wrong?

Who pays for public schools?

Who pays off government officials?

Who is the main funder of MSM?

That’s right! The whore.

I am truly sorry that some of the best information is offensive. It breaks my heart that without plagiarizing other peoples work I can only link to other information sites. If I link to other sites I do it to spread needed information in these hard times.

We need an army of people pushing back against what could otherwise be the demise of mankind. I have found myself grimacing when I read some of the things I research. I refuse to stop, but I also refuse to lower the standards I hold true. Name calling and shaming is not productive so I will not go there. However I will link to some of these sites because the arguments are to important to keep them to myself.

I hope you will read this, and understand how important it is no matter how the writer presents it.


Next: You can be fixed, keep hope and Love alive!