Although Passions meaning covers every emotion or deep act. I will look at passion as an act of Love!

It is true that it is hard to think of death as a passionate act, in fact it can be the greatest act of Love, a suffering soul can receive.

The Angle of Death has been cast as something much less than Loving, however when you know your loved one someone is going to suffer the rest of their life if they live on. Do you deny their passing? Do you talk them into sticking around for you? Do you passionately fight to keep them alive? Or do you have passion on their soul, and accept their passing?

Only the living will have tears at their passing, they will be at rest.

It will not always be so, that you can avoid suffering by death. I bring to mind Rev 9:6, But for now it is so.

With the threat of mass extinction (Mass murder) via the Cabal, one has to wonder if one would be better off living or dying, if someone is shot up and suffering. Will the time come while they suffer, that they can not escape the effects of the poison shot? If they want to quit, will you encourage them to continue when their body is ready to expire?

The one thing for sure is, most of those who have been doing their research, believe we are living in the times of Revelations. We have 6+ Billion people on the earth and it is believed that at least one billion will die because they were shot up, likely a much higher number. Experts in the field of Medicine feel that a good 70% who have received the shot will die in the next 3 years. They are not optimistic at all. They feel from the trends of what they see, that the rest of those that live beyond 3 years, Will be in a constant state of sickness related to this poison. The point is that revelations tells us 1/4 of the people on earth will die, when just one of the horsemen is unleashed.

If the number of jabbed people is close to correct we are looking at a 1/4 population die off, just from the jab!

Is there any wonder why those that are in the independent media are turning to God? I have followed some of these people and watched them as they grew in the Lords Love.