Here we are!

We were created by God. No matter what our National origin, we are human. Created by God and in God’s image we were created.

This fact means we are all equal in God’s mind. When we are not living as equals, then we are not living to Gods potential in our lives. You may have seen Q’s WWG1 WGA , Another way of saying this is, Together we stand, Divided we fall.

To this end! You know standing together, we need to follow Gods law now more than ever before. Don’t let this statement scare you. Jesus told us the Law of God is fulfilled in this one statement, That we love each other as we love our self.

If you read my last post you have seen the Deep State Playbook. If you haven’t downloaded a copy I suggest you do so. Everything the evil ones of the world do:

  • Is designed to put fear in our hearts.
  • To divide us.
  • To teach us discrimination.

Summed up! to make us war against each other.

My suggestion (OK not my idea), praise God for:

  • Free Will, God did not make us slaves.
  • Companionship, The Lord made us social creatures.
  • Love, That through Jesus, was demonstrated.
  • Joy, In knowing that God has already won the battle with the Evil one.

May God bless us all. And may we love each other as God loves us.