I don’t like this subject!!

However I noticed that some people I talk to didn’t get this message, a life threatening message!

Dr Zelinko On his experiences and Z-stack.

His comments about the 1% reporting to VAERS, also need some understanding. In an effort to fact check and cover up, we can look to all the fact checkers on the web that are paid to cover up truth. However this account to cover up facts shot a hole in their foot. FAKE!/TRUTH In this article the outcome of the Harvard group admits to being unable to get the CDC to correct errors in the system. This would make even more valid the 1% under reporting argument.

However before the Klaus Swab agenda pointed out in the book “Covid-19 the Great Reset”, the reporting of 1% may have been accurate. However many nurses and doctors have lost their jobs defending the patients rights. They have become whistle blowers, Telling us the hospitals have strongly discouraged reporting to VAERS and instituted policies to kill their patients with protocols designed to do just that. If I were to speculate the numbers reported, I would have to say with this change in hospital policy, the numbers reported are even worse than pre-plandemic statistics reporting to VAERS.

So in summary;

  • Dr Zelinko has the formula to keep you out of the hospital from many respiratory diseases, not just the Fake Sars Cov ll virus.
  • No matter how much the deep state fact checkers try, we can see right through the plan if we take the time to do our own fact checking.
  • If you are listening and not checking, You need to spend some time doing research on your own.
  • This has all been planned for a long time. It all makes sense when we realize their plan is to kill us.
  • Light exposes darkness!
  • Good triumphs over evil.
  • The war has already been won.
  • You were given free will by God, and Satan can’t take it away.

Don’t take the Fauci Flu Poison Apple, it is your God given right to refuse.


May the Lord over all Creation, bless you!