I found myself almost caving to my old ways this weekend as I watched evil acting out on a parade in Wisconsin. I am sure that many of my peers saw the same footage as I. If not I will present one independent’s view I found least offensive to this viewer.

But before I do, I would like to tell you what I was thinking, both before, and after the viewing.

Well OK I was first lead to the story through headlines on one of the sites I follow, for my morning understanding of current events. Much like I used to do before I was awake, using the Newspaper. Now I know better than to pick up something from the Main stream Liars.

As I watched the story told, I was first told how it was not going to be spun, or more like “I will spin the story different than the MSM was going to spin it.” I found out that the tragedy would be spun in a wrong light(My view).

This is my view of the story;

Today I am once again ashamed of humanity! Mostly because it has taken us way to long to wake up! We have slept while the earth almost died. We have slept and allowed evil to control us through mind control, not questioning what the (few in number) Cabal wanted us to believe. Killing and maiming our fellow beings, creating darkness.

Can’t we see that the MSM incited this event to spin us into division? All in the name of the Cabal, that will do anything to keep the light from shining on them.

What about this individual? This evil being has a record of posts on twitter that define that he has a dark soul. He was released by the dark court system just in time to act on a “just Jury ruling (watch video below)” that the Cabal didn’t want. He is a foot soldier of evil, mostly because he was controlled by false teachings of the Cabal world. He is not without guilt! No on the contrary he must own his actions, just as all beings will answer for their crimes in due time.

What we would do good to remember is this incident, like most you see now days is not about a race war, political war, or aggression, but rather, it is a fight of evil, against good. The war has gone on a long time! It is known in the universe as the war of satan vs God the Creator, with the outcome already known.

How are we to react to this? With resolve. We are to push back within the Law of the land(Constitutional Law).

Lift up the families affected by this wrong doing to God.

Pray for those who commit evil.

Find Joy in those around you, sharing your Love with them, For love is the expression of the Law of God.

The more of Gods light that is seen, The sooner the harvest will begin. For as long as there is one that would turn to God, there is one that God will wait for. Remember we are taught by God to return good for evil, that “Gods will” be done!

I admit! My first response was anger, how could I be human, if I didn’t have an outrage for those doing wrong? However, I told you in the past couple of posts I was moving in a new direction. This includes seeking truth in God! That his tempering of my soul that I might do His bidding as long as we remain in this 3rd density, and beyond.

As Promised This is the video that I liked best, just good reporting!

Just a note:

I want to thank Charlie for his help in converting my behavior. He has no Idea but If he looks he will then know he has been responsible in part for my waking up from slumber.

Just as important to my salvation is Simon whose temperament has taught me invaluable guidance.

And though there are many people I follow, and many sites I discover as I do my research, These two workers have given me the calm before the storm!