I have been hearing this from many personalities on the net. Fact is I have had to do research on the subject before I could bring myself to publish.

If you were to ask why, I would say that my upbringing taught me not to follow this path.

I am now confident that what I talk about today is something that has been hidden from us for as long as life has been on the planet.

Do I believe in the Creator God? absolutely!

Do I believe in Jesus the Christ? Yes and I confess him to men.

So why do I bring all this up? Because I was always taught that what I am about to show you was new age religion, I assure you the Bible when studied, tells us what is in this link can be seen as true. You will have to re-asses Your belief system somewhat, but not abandon it. I admit, I was wrong about some things, OK!

The time it takes to read and follow all the links on this link was about 2 days for me.

To be honest I have been focusing on how we have been lied to forever. I have been exposing how the evil Cabal has been manipulating us! How they have been dividing us! They(the Cabal) has had thousands of year to build the play book, that has made mind control possible.

However We are about ready to break free thanks to all the ET’s and White hats and their help.

In reading and watching what is on this link, I am confident you will learn how you can take a New Direction, and take control of your future!

Because this is important! It is time to print some cards!