In the most simple of definitions, Faith is the belief in things not seen.

As Time has gone by in the last couple of years, many of us have questioned our faith. We have been given many reasons to question what we have been told all our lives. More and more we have been exposed to the lies that we have taken for truth.

Honestly how can we believe anything we hear?

Well the Lord has written the truth in all of our hearts. is the only answer. Even the evil ones know deep in their hearts, they are wrong. Our moral compass can, and will guide us, if we listen and ask. We do have to remember that it is our nature, to be bull headed, and when we pray for answers, When we pray for truth, but mostly when we open our heart to listen, than truth can and will seep into our soul, and we can be born anew.

Charlie Ward has said many times, it is easier to be conned, than it is to admit we have been conned. I don’t know where he got that saying, but it is rock solid advice, in our spiritual journey.

With all that is coming to light, almost anything we have been taught may have been placed in the mind to mislead us. I am now questioning the motives of that famous King James. As royalty, what were his real motives? We now know that British royalty are part of the Cabal. Knowing how people are being forced into false admissions to cloud the truth about the shot. Could the same tactics have been used to manipulate Christiam scholars into false teachings, so this very hour in time, satan could claim those, that might have followed the Lord into battle?

I can’t answer these questions for you. Only a one on one with God the Creator can give you confidence in your walk. Do understand that time is running out to make your choice. This link is a good start! In the long run you might find this series useful in understanding what you don’t know!

If you are wondering how mislead we are, look no further than the market! Listen to the analysts that have been taught by the system to give advice, and see what is about to happen. This black swan will devastate many. Problem is I don’t know if your search for Christ will be to late if you wait to see what is going to happen. Only time will tell.