Many times while I sleep, answers pop into my sleep. This time a warning came into my dream.

As a result when I got up this morning the first thing I have done is to correct a post.

I failed to give warning about pine trees, some are poison. As normal I prompted to do your research, however I should have been more specific about the nature of the trees. On the page I list a good resource into what trees and plants are safe.

Had I not known that some pines are not safe for teas I would have harvested from local and forest trees. However the source of trees in nature in my neck of the woods are not suited for tea. Please re-visit the “gift that keeps giving” on yesterdays posts. Thank you!


I considered a typical Christmas Tree, however the thought that they may have sprayed them with fire retardant for safety made me second guess that solution. They are not sold as food so no knowing what may have been sprayed on them.