When my Girl was in school, be it a long time ago as life goes. She had an assignment on advertising. Private schooling pays off, in a proper education. She learned more useful things about life, than was taught to her peers in public schools.

Back to the post.

Learning how advertisements worked was the theme. As I recall she wanted to get into media that year. Thank God that she found understanding, and gave the idea up!

As we sat watching advertisements we analyzed how they influenced people to buy products. I have seen a great shift in advertisements the last, I don’t know, few years? To be quite honest I have found The Telly to be quite vulgar in the last few years, so a black screen is better than one turned on.

The fact is when I do turn it on, the adds leave me wondering why anyone would buy from the companies that are advertising. They are so bad in fact that I shiver thinking what people will think of me for pointing out the reason for the adds presented in this video link. Please understand my understanding of their effort is to promote division. I think my following understands that my fight is with the cabal. United we stand, Divided we fall! My post today is to bring to light what they are doing to bring in the NWO, and that we must fight United against, with knowledge and counter measures that we share, against their agenda.


God our Creator created us equal. In the Bible he said a kingdom divided will fall. Do not let the Cabal divide us! It is better today, to unplug Media, and prepare our hearts. Putting on the breast plates of God! That evil has no power over us.