No I don’t do the Holley Days. But I do believe in giving gifts of love. I was at Home Depot today and I saw a bunch of these living Pine trees. My plan is to haul this around with me. Kind of a Love gift for the family. I’ll get to why it is one in a minute, but another gift I am giving my family is my work in growing a garden. One of the plants will be oregano.

Both of these plants offer medicinal benefits.

We can thank the Plandemic for these discoveries. One of the things that both of these herbs offer is increased immunity. Pine needle tea and oregano have been part of holistic medicine, dating way back. For years the use of pine needle tea has been known to help you recover from influenza( you know by now, a corona virus). Oregano is great for cleaning the sinuses as well as supplement the immune system. The only reason I recovered from a virus illness I got before this plandemic, was the information that started hitting the Web because of the plandemic. You might say holistic medicine saved my life because of the COVID scare.

With the expected food shortage the garden will keep greens on the table.

ADDED:(some pine trees are poisonous. knowing what is safe is very important. This is a site that will help you in finding a tree. My purchase is an aleppo pine, for the record).

It is worth repeating. I am not trained in the medical industry. I can tell you what I do for myself, and family. I encourage you to do your own research. I get my info from many sources. I listen to videos and get ideas. Then armed with the idea I have gleaned. I search for information using the search engine (Duck Duck Go). There is way to much censoring on the Google Search so have left it in the dust.

If you are using purchased (bought and sold out) fact checkers, it may be time to rethink your search methods. The best way to describe those people that use big tech, and big pharma fact checkers, is lazy or brain washed. Please do your own fact checking. This is only accomplished by spending time looking things up.

May the Lord Be with you!