So the hype is out. If they got your fear level raised so you can accept hyper inflation, then this post is for you!

I don’t pretend to be a financial advisor. I don’t even think I can help you make good decisions when It comes to financial matters. But! I do keep my eye on what’s happening and research allot, to get an understanding, so I can protect my very small nest egg.

I don’t want to live the story about the German gentleman that went to the baker to buy a loaf of bread using a wheel barrow to carry his money! As the story goes he left his wheel barrow outside the door to go in and make sure he had enough Fiat to pay for the loaf he desired. After bargaining with the baker he returned to fetch the money. Seems someone figured the wheel barrow had a greater value, and took the wheel barrow and left the Fiat! (printed money)

From history, the idea that the US has never defaulted on debt is a lie! Raising the debt ceiling only gives the powers that be an option, to launder more funds into their own pockets, while stealing from you, and me. I think we are better off with a default! The world will not stop turning if they do. I would be more worried about the socialism/communism that is being forced on us with every passing day.

I personally have been investing in commodities. My commodities are not paper! Paper like Fiat can be manipulated, and frequently is. No I like physical hard assets. You may call it prepping if you want. I can feed my family with sprouting seeds, a garden, rice and beans.

You know physical assets!

No Man or Woman is a one man show! You should be stocking stuff that you can barter, something everyone can use and will trade for. Something that will maintain it’s value. I have chosen physical silver. I believe that the suppression of silver has those suppressing it, paying you to buy it. They can’t keep the game going for ever, and when they can’t keep it going, it will go to it’s true value. What a way to fight the Fiat-flation engine that is running full bore as we speak.

If you haven’t figured it out yet! You might start considering doing your work, in trade for silver and gold, rather than Fiat paper that will soon be worth more when burned for heat.

This post was inspired by this link, enjoy!

May God be with You, and Bless You, all of your life!