Today is the day!

November 8th 2021

OK! OK! it is one of four days. The walk out has begun! It is a blue collar walk out, but . . . It should be a human walk out!!!

No store in the world should be open, the problem is just that big! We are talking life as we know it. I can’t walk out, I don’t have a job. But I tell you one thing. If I did have a job I would be on the front line. How do I know that? Well,

here I am sticking my neck out for you, my viewers, and of course my family and self. I like the quote, “Give me liberty, or give me death”. I think it is time we bring it back to life, and start living for humanity.

Now let’s talk about those joining this fight!

No matter the consequences, they are on the line for humanity and God, our Creator. Will they have a job in four day? Will they be able to pay their bills? Does that matter in the long run if they were forced to take a death shot? Will it matter when the schools/government injects their kids without their consent? They, the blue collar workers get this. Those not on the line don’t see the importance of what is happening. If your not on the line for man kind I worry about your soul! I will pray for you.

Now about the title! If you are out and about looking for items on the shelf( be it a little late), and find a bunch of stores closed, don’t be mad, they are closed for you. The sign on the door will tell you all you need to know about the company.

Let Me Explain

If the sign says ” Due to the nation wide walkout we are closed” in my opinion they should be out of business.

On the other hand if it says “We are closed to support the nation wide walkout” Be sure to support the business, because they are taking the hit in support of the walk out.

It’s all in the way it is said!!

Just one more thing. If this is not a big four days, whoa on all of us and may the Lord have mercy on all of us.