In western movies the bounty hunter was looked down at because he would bring in, and in some cases kill outlaws to collect a fee for his work. No matter what he was bringing in, the idea of killing for a wage has always been looked down upon by the general population. Killing in general is disgusting, but to draw a wage for the job is worse. Note that I say that from the view of private entities. Government must have the ability to exact justice for the masses. It is however a miss-justice the way the governments are turning against it’s citizens, putting those acting against the masses against God.

So what is different when the act is reversed, you know, draw a wage so you can kill? If you get your wage before or after the act makes no difference.

This is the point! If I can do half hour of research and find that the VAERS database shows more than 18,000 reported deaths and over 800,000 reported adverse events, via the Jab. There is no excuse for anyone to be part of the killing machinery. The VAERS data is user friendly at .

  • If you are covering up the safety of the Jab to keep your job.
  • If you are telling people this death jab is safe and effective to keep your job.
  • If you are telling someone they won’t keep their job least they get this jab.
  • If you are requiring unproven PCR tests to torment people into getting shot.
  • If you are requiring the unhealthy act of wearing a mask to those who refuse the death serum.
  • If you are administering this evil medical procedure(doing the injecting).
  • If your a supervisor over these acts.
  • If your the big boss.
  • If your in the school system at any level where masks or jabs are pushed.

You are one of these hired Killers.

You are in a war, Yes?

So the government makes you do it, Right?

The Hitler Regime Had similar people just doing their Job. After the war, they hung those involved. Well not enough of them, they imported the problem after the war into the USA to further advance Mind control research, and jet propulsion. We can only hope those cleaning things up this time, will not make the same mistake. Make no mistake, This war has two sides.

The evil side and The Creator Gods side. The war is almost over, and the evil side is loosing. Some will tell you the evil side has already lost, I agree with them. The more we see what we couldn’t see before, proves more light is shining on the evil in this world exposing it.

As always something I have read or listened to, brought me to this post. This being the case on this post as well, follow this link and get some real enlightenment, And remember Nuremberg 2.0 is coming, Good always trumps evil. And as evil as things have become, the outcome will not be good for those involved. Remember unlike events in the past history of the world, all people are involved in seeing what is being exposed.

You will not be able to hide, or find sympathy from the masses, that have lost family because of you.