Just before holidays some items become short on supplies.

Add to that the Blue collar wave coming to a town like yours on Monday, the 8th of Nov. I can tell you you may go hungry. Honestly if you thought you would wait till Dec. to buy gifts, plan on buying Beans and Rice as well as sprouting seeds today, Enough for 3 months minimum.

If you can find emergency buckets in your store buy for 3 months if you can afford, or find them. The supply is limited as the farm that produces them has stopped production last month due to supply shortages.

If you feel there is nothing to worry about watch this video on current events.

Go buy today! then my call for action. Print this QR code and hand them out as quick as you can. After you have done that spend Nov 8, 2021 through Nov 11, 2021 supporting your blue collar workers in an effort to bring the enemy down. How make up a sign and join your local protest against Government over reach. Stay in the crowd!! Or just stay at home, probably the best idea!

This could be a world wide event, but the call is the USA wide protest. No matter It could be a disruption felt for months, prep Today!!!