One could say that The Vaxx is 100% effective! It’s just a matter of time.

Before you get ready to fight me because of what I am saying, understand I am being truthful as well as 100% sarcastic.

Really it all depends on how you label the vial. Let me give you an example how you could label it:

How about:

  • Death Jab.
  • Depopulation agenda poison.
  • sadistic DNA modification shot.
  • The graphine symbol 666 mark of the beast injection.

The above all fit. but believe me the ultimate and desired outcome is to kill 13 out of 14 of the people on the earth. If your view fits the agenda, then you might want to say the Vaxx is working, and proving 100% effective.

If you have spent time in the Bible searching for the truth then you might remember when the Lord said if he did not return man would destroy himself, sound familiar?

In current circumstances, can I ask you a question? What plans do you have that is more important that seeking the Lord. The only Solis I can find in the death wave around me, is the promise of something better on the other side.

To discuss what I need to so you can understand you should save your browser address bar and go check out the Fall of the cabal and get back with us!

After this little video, OK not so little, You may be asking yourself a simple question. “what else have we been lied to about?” And maybe there are more books to the Bible. You may also be asking “What haven’t I been lied to about?”

Because these are valid questions I must repeat something I have heard from one of the sites I frequent for information. It goes like this: ” If you were thinking the light at the end of the tunnel is the illusion, think again. In fact the tunnel is the illusion.”

What is happening around us truly is evil. To deal with it we must gain an understanding, and that is why you have been sent to The fall of the cabal linked above. Not wanting to send you into depression, I ask again Please watch the video about the Cabal.

OK now you have returned, welcome back. Many sources have told me that the Bible un-modified is well over a foot tall. According to the cabal videos and others, the same group of 1 percenters also control the Vatican. The same group were in control of the early church. So are you starting to ask yourself how the end is supposed to unfold? Maybe you are also asking yourself if the elit few would gain by changing the way Revelation reads.

It really doesn’t matter that much, because one way or another, we are looking at Revelation type events. The only difference may be our peace of mind as we go forward. And that is my number one goal at this time.

Now it is time to give you some information that disturbs me tremendously. We need to see this to know what needs to be done, so here we go.

Vaxxed falling like flies.