You have come across people that tell you how bad they are effected by florescent lighting, or maybe the power grid.

Others are warning about cell phones. That has been a debate from the early years of cell phones. Some say that these products are part of a war on human health. I am not wearing an aluminum hat just yet! What I will tell you is I have seen test pictures of before and after cell use, I think it was Memon that had the photos from those they tested.

That company sells whole house EMF protection. Off brands are also sold at different outlets like but Memon seems to be the old kid on the block.

I use a patch for my phone that follows the same path. The product is placed on the back of the phone and puts a proper frequency out to counter act with the cell frequency.

Still not finished however. I will put links that I found that set the stage for my research a little later on. Now on to are you Grounded. It is said by many, they head out to the forest to be recharged. It is a fact that If your cell phone works, you will not get that same level of recharge as you will if you are more remote. As hard as it is to consider, if you tent camp vs. RV camp you will also not get the same recharge with the RV.

Am I saying get rid of the cell, or go back to open air camping? Not at all, I may get a better recharge, but my old body disagrees with the method.

Research shows (mine), me that we can recharge in other ways with the same outcome. When a friend told me he grounded his bed, and walked a path he had cleared bare footed everyday. I considered maybe he needed a tin hat, however the monks follow that same path. It seems that melatonin, produced in the body is in fact reduced by subjecting our bodies to EMF. Becoming grounded reduces the effects of EMF, and your whole body comes in sync with nature again.

Walking on the sandy beach in the water bare foot is a really good way to become in sync with nature. Walking through the forest path bare footed also helps. We were in fact created to be grounded.

Now for a couple of links: