We have been hearing about shortages for some time Now, even Joey’s administration is warning us about our future shortages.

This link tells us about the warnings. As they logically conclude most of our shortages are not from imports, but rather domestic supply lines. Further they are telling us when the day is done, it is more of a worker shortage. Take the time to read the article and we can continue.

First I think there is a real worker shortage. I don’t think it is because people are getting a big government check. First some questions. Have you seen the reduced check out lines in the market? Have you noticed the isles have a reduced number of carts we have to negotiate as we shop? Have you noticed even with the reduction of checkouts, the lines are shorter? Have You listened to doctors, nurses, and undertakers telling us when the up-tick of deaths started?

OK then. the OpenVAERS.com website may have some answers. we will put up a screen shot.

The Open Vaers home page tells us that only 1% of events are likely reported. This 1% comes from a study done in the past. The doctors and nurses that have quit their jobs tell us that that study is likely true from what they saw in the hospitals.

I usually have people look at the deaths reported, but due to this page

I have to conclude that the 778,683 number “with two zeros added” of adverse reports is likely a closer number of people either dead or unable to work, Or able to get around for that matter.

Most of the people that are sounding the alarm have had to come to the realization that those that have been shot up with the death shot are not able to be saved. That is the harsh truth. My hope is that many of those that think they got the jab only got a placebo, and suggest they get no more shots.

We know that Delta airlines is telling their employees to stay quiet about what is happening behind the curtain. We also know that many will not take heed to Their employer’s firm warnings.

In the mean time spend what money you have left on food, and get the garden going.

My hope is those that were not informed of the dangers that stood up and role up their sleeve will choose to help out humanity. The best thing anyone can do to see change is to get the info out. I have chosen to devote my life on this subject. If my life can save 2, I will feel good about my choice. Below is our typical scan code. Please have some cards made up to hand out to as many people as you see. You too can be a champion of humanity.

May God Bless!