Living? I know I said it but! To live according to many medical professionals is to not get shot!

So what is this post about? Well I have a few things I want to bring up. First and for most is if you are looking to MSM (Major Sleaze Mediums) or the tech giants for your news. You are being lied to. I recommend you use the uncensored Duck Duck Go search engine. to search everything you hear to prove the stories you hear are valid.

I am only a small time researcher, My resources are the same as yours, I just do the research. I take no credit for the articles I write as most of them are just pointing you to the links I have found. I have no inside track for information. The only thing I do is pass on what I find that may help you in your journey.

Today I will direct you to a couple of new links I have found. but first let me cover more horror stories showing up all over the internet.

Delta and SW air having problems.

This leads us down another path. How can we believe something is wrong when the MSM tells us nothing is wrong? Who is lying to us? Can we believe this independent media that I am offering up?

The answer is do your own research. You will find the information if you search for truth. There is no other way. Your life, and your family’s lives depends on it!

You should read this For verifiable proof that a problem exists.

What can you do?

  • Research everything you hear and verify.
  • Use the menu on this site and see what I have covered already and use the links to help you “research”.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Make up some QR business cards, and Iron on transfer the code on a shirt. and start being a warrior for Good.

This QR code Helps People make an informed choice. It is designed to fit on standard business cards.