We have had what is going on referred to as a game of 5d chess, Yes?

  • Why did we have lock downs?
  • Did they work?
  • Why are more jobs available than workers to fill them?
  • When did the uptick of deaths happen?
  • Is there a shortage of beds in the hospital?
  • Is there a supply of pure blood?
  • What happens if you have an accident?

I feel I am screaming and no new people are in the bleachers. Honestly, I know people are waking up, but the question is are they waking up fast enough?

Many of us are wondering what happened to the workers?

We can speculate that like the hospitals, the companies are requiring the shot therefore no one will apply. Lets face the facts OK? This can’t last much longer. Some beans and rice will go a long way, and the shot will kill you. Maybe not today, but it will kill you. Thousands of doctors are speaking up about this. If you have a choice the answer is obvious right?

However there is another possibility. Funeral homes got a large uptick of bodies only after the shot got an EUA. Could it be that lock downs could have hidden that many deaths? The numbers on different data bases don’t add up. Watch this if you haven’t already.

Most of us have been getting depressed just thinking about it. It seems anymore as I go into the store (I hate admitting it I can only afford to buy cheap), big box is what I go into. I notice that only half the registers that used to be open are still open. Number of employees is the excuse but even with that many less registers, the lines are getting smaller. I will say it again. Could it be that there have already been that many deaths? We know from the databases that the number of deaths is much higher that what they are telling us. Are we witnessing mass murder?

It is true that the lanes are not as crowded either. I am no longer running into as many people I know as I walk through the store.

I am having another problem as well. As I do my business I am thinking about how it would look if half the people I see about, made it into a body bag in the next year or two.

We know that hospital workers are leaving their jobs because they have been told they must get the jab or get fired. As I hear it the purge is significant. One whistle blowing nurse explains the bed shortage, as a staff shortage. So it will get much worse, not because of a plandemic, but rather foolish mandates. But that is not the only staff that is being reduced, I saw a fire truck in the middle of the road the other day with lights flashing. No accident, just a load lost from some truck.

When did the fire department start working as road crew? I guess when mandates started seeing front line crew leaving in mass.

This brings up another point. If you confront another driver coming head on who had a reaction to the shot! Are you going to be able to miss him? Or will you be involved in a head on without an emergency crew to rescue you. Worse still will the blood supply be tainted with spike proteins produced by someone having donated blood after getting the shot. Please remember EUA is not approved! They have no idea the ramifications for what they do! or do they?

Are you still planning a trip?

OK, I know some people that wanted to go visit the grand kids so they got shot up! to protect the kids they say, Did they ever hear about transmittents (also known as shedding)? Yes it is very real, and the topic is discussed by shot manufacturers. It was talked about to the original test group, imagine that! If you have done this kind of thing stay away from the kids to avoid killing or making them very sick! Now the cases are stacking up that shed some light on this subject (pun intended).

One last thought!!

When in history has a sitting president been proud of killing millions of americans in his first 100 days?