I talk to many people as I go about my business. You could say I have changed from my beginning. I used to put my blinders on and go about my business not wanting to be noticed. This came about because I was bullied in public school, as most everyone was at one time. Once that spell was broken, I start conversations, and enjoy them, MOST OF THE TIME!!!

Now that I am through with the primer, I will tell you why I say Thank You!

In the present times everyone has an opinion. Yup! everyone. Like everyone else I think I am right, so try to explain my view hoping to persuade. However people in general aren’t persuaded that easily.

Have you ever had an “I should have said” moment? Well I do on a regular frequency. And you my friends are inspiration for These pages.

So thank you again for all the help you give me, as you clarify topics I feel the need to discuss.