The title goes without saying, Your homeland no matter your origin, you love the land and people in the land you were born.

If you travel, when the day is done and you set foot on your native soil, a rush of positive feelings flow

over you.

You are Home! No matter the political issues, You are Home!

Here in the States of America, I can observe visitors where I live migrate home when they can, just to catch up, and breath the air and take in the sites of their home states. Truly they are proud to say “I was born and raised in the great state of (put your own home state here)”.

Most Americans will defend their home state as fiercely as they will defend the Nation of American States we call America.

America, home of the brave, home of the free! Or so we thought! Before the plandemic of 2019.

Now we see people in the streets in most other countries putting their lives at risk, rather than cower in their homes being good little citizens as many are doing in the good old States of America.

We see these people of the world standing up demanding freedom from tyranny of mask mandates and Vaxx passports, While we wait indoors as the illegal mandates of the US require, for someone else to demand our freedom. Quite frankly, because we are no longer brave as a whole!

OK! I got to you, I bullied you, into thinking.

What do you do now!

Follow me into a Rabbit hole that you will slink out of, or will come out victoriously.

You come out Brave and Free!!