Now I winter where big mono culture fields of lettuces grow all winter. Because they are mono culture they spray them with poison to control insects. They flood them with synthetic fertilizers. What you don’t see can hurt you as much as the poison being sprayed.

The crop rotation includes a large crop of cotton. Yup same fields they grow the food crops. What makes that alarming is the way cotton is harvested. The defoliants used are not FDA approved for food crops. While I am on that subject think cotton seed oil for cooking, found in many Highly processed snack foods.

More alarming is an effort to produce veggies that carry a vaccine/killer, that is produced by the veggie you prepare your meals with. Is it a fear tactic? Or is it fact? Is the release of information just a way for farmers to lose everything while Bill Gates gets another farm land grab? My skepticism continues to grow.

One thing is for sure. Most everyone talking about our evil world leaders, feel we will be growing our own veggies in the future. The consensus is Hybrid, GMO, and syn bio are all bad for the body and sole. Hybrid because the plant will not reproduce the same product that grew the first planting. The other two the manufacture has nefarious plans. The other thought is most veggies will be grown inside.

Inside? Why do they think veggies will be grown inside?

One reason may be the fact that it will take years to fix the damage done by geoengineering. This one thing has accounted for killing organisms in soil that makes soil soil. In those places soil has become dirt. The evil ones are killing the planet to further their agenda.

If you have never “grown your own” it may be time to learn how.

It’s also time to start collecting seeds, Heirloom seeds are proven and can be collected to keep the process in play.Because hybrid seeds are cheap they are a good practice seed while you learn the ropes.

We will be producing pages that can help you in the future.

We Have developed ways to grow, as well as tried many other methods, that can get you past the broken earth scenario. It is time however to get ready for what is sure to come.