I am beginning to believe that those that will listen have! I hope I am wrong!

Yup, If your still on the fence, than keep doing your research. If your off the fence then keep observing what is happening to the “Vaxxed”, Many who would like to have a redo. If you believe the MSM will feed you anything other than what they are told to feed you about almost anything they will cover. If you believe the only truth is what the MSM tells you. Well You will do what they tell you no matter.

I do have one question though. Have you seen this on MSM? I don’t want to quote data because this site updates weekly, even if the data does trail reports to the database by at least 3 weeks. I can only say one thing about the lack of reporting to the people, it is sinister!!

Has the MSM talked about forensic audits? No you say! Well I wonder if that fact falls in line with the agenda to depopulate the world?


Is everyone involved with the cover up, and distribution of this gene therapy more concerned about what they are going to receive.

If they don’t win this war, they all will, or should, receive the death penalty according to the 1947 Nuremberg code . For those that can’t accept that people can be so evil consider this. If your life is in the balance, will you lay down your arms and surrender? I say there is a 50-50 chance you might. That is unless you have done something so horrendous that even you know you deserve death. At that stage you may choose to go down fighting, and take as many with you as you can. (Think Jab!)


If you followed the links above the stats in the following paragraph are on the conservative side.

If you and your cohorts collectively in the US alone knowingly killed 75000 people within the first 4 days of jabbing them with the knowledge that most all those you shot up would die withing 2 years, would you die fighting, hoping you could “get them all” before they got you?

Other than pure evil from day one, many of these people are fighting against the clock in an effort to avoid the sure outcome. Because their deeds have been exposed, and they can no longer hide. No one in this war does not know this. As time goes on even the bread maker knows the dealings of these evil people, and it turns their stomach.

Let us not forget our foreign allies fighting the same battle around the world, with numbers often far greater than ours.

Pray, May God Help Us!