How can you tell the truth from a lie?

Having been a parent I can tell you, it is really quite easy. It does require a memory however. I wonder how many people have one at this time in life however.

If someone tells you they will do something or quite the opposite, that they won’t do something and then do what they promise they won’t. Then we know they tell lies. The Bible tells us when someone tells a lie the truth is not in them. In and of itself, we know we can look at anything they say as a lie.

We can also tell when someone is not telling the truth when they refuse to let anyone question what they have done in fear they will be discovered. The full forensic audit comes to mind.

Does the person continuously have a slip of the tong and have to explain their comment away in hopes you didn’t listen?

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are OK with theft because you don’t want the other reality, you are part of the overall problem. That is not how Democracy works, That is how Communism works, where the dictator rules with an iron hand.

It is time to consider what you believe, forget what you want, and man up to the truth.