I recently made a post called “A Warning”. I Don’t believe that all the world has to be concerned, but knowing that there are over 300 US sponsored bio-labs world wide I would say the problem could be significant.

Before I go any further with this I would like to bring to mind a Biblical quote. Remembering I am going from memory, the quote is not word for word! The quote goes something like this. Satan would gather his minions together in one big army to war against God the creator, and his chosen! I recently listened to a video that asked who chose the followers? and the answer is the person that follows. You choose to follow the Creator! You need not be jealous of the chosen, because you can choose!

Back to the story line! For those that wonder how some people could be so evil? I can only say they would rather believe Satan! They have chosen their god! As I considered why I should not drink the water, I came across this video. I am not saying that this will happen, We only know the evil in this world has a track record, and they have planned for this day!

You may be asking why I am covering this topic again!

Well, when I built my water system, I was thinking things may come to a point where my family would need a source of pure water. What I didn’t consider was chemical warfare. The above video shows that even ,in peace time evil people have come up with methods of killing thousands. One only has to consider the video and the current plandemic to understand how evil they are!

If you want to play it safe, and safeguard your family, it is time to do a search for a DIY still. Yes, because I realized a weakness in my line of defense, I have been working on (putting effort into building) a solar still. filtration of the water may not be good enough to protect your family, and a still can be made most of the time with things you have on hand.

It should be noted there is no time like the present to start storing up water from your still. Your still may be to small to keep up with daily needs. So the sooner you start storing the better your chances of survival. The problem will not last forever, but you need to get past the problem, if your area is chosen for a strike!

Some of the resources I am looking into are:

  • BYU solar cooker.
  • DIY solar still using a Pressure Cooker.

Preheating water for the still by using water bath condensing coil.

I do hope this will spur your thought process! If I have enough time to present the outcome, I will post with pictures. I just don’t know how much time we have. Take care of yourselves and your families. Prepare as you can! Praise God for his soon coming. God will do the rest.