If you have followed very many Truthers, that have followed the Q anon movement, you know that Q warned us to watch the water, right?

This is a warning!

Well at least in my book. I will explain in a minute. I am sure that some would say no, that is a sign of things happening. Really? Well we are having flooding and other events we know are man made. DARPA is working overtime. Floods cause problems with water supplies.

The reason I wonder if it is a warning is a number of insiders are warning us to not drink the water! I understand local warnings, but these are blanket warnings. Although the warning is, don’t drink city and county water. It has been stated this could be world wide, every country!

Why? well that is not to clear at this time. I can only say that the warning is out! The recommendation is bottled water, and that filtered water is not good enough. If you have traveled out of the country you understand the drill, as water sources can have organisms in it. This warning seems much more serious though! I am thinking a bio attack, but have nothing to base that assumption on!

The drill is!

If you go out to eat, don’t get a tap or fountain drink, and for sure don’t have a drink with ice in it! I would like to bring up the fact that many bottlers simply sell water! That’s right, right out of the city water supply. I would make sure that the bottle said processed by RO.

I have a purification plant that rivals some of the best systems out there. That of course is because I am portable. The water sits long enough for any chlorine to dissipate. It was filtered when it went into the tank via carbon block. It then is ozone treated for half an hour. Then it is carbon block filtered as it goes into my RV. For what we drink and prepare our food with, we have an RO system. The filters have been replaced with carbon block filters. The holding tank for this stage is not pressurized necessitating another pump. as the water makes it’s way to the tap it goes through one more carbon block filter.

One might say, why so many carbon filters? According to my research, the longer water is in contact with the activated charcoal the more poisons are removed. many filters, much area!

From the start to finish, the system is designed to kill pathogens, and filter them out! Now that we know about synthetic organisms, I am wondering about the effectiveness of my system. But if bottled water is good enough, then I should be fine!

To wrap this up. Buy some bottled water, as soon as you can, and start drinking from a better source. Replace what you use! I have no idea how long this warning is active, or if it is just a caution! Be prepared.