It would appear you are faced with some serious choices! Rest assured that facts will give you rest. But yes! You must believe what you are hearing, and that seems to be something that is reserved for the conspiracy theorists!!!

Over the past few years, most of what has come to pass, has been foretold by those you have labeled as conspiracy theorists, so it may, even at this time, be difficult to admit they may be better connected to the facts. Yet, the news you have been listening to, has continually retracted stories they have printed, and that news casters, have proclaimed as truth!

No matter what you believe, I would like to make a plea with you! No matter what, If you are starting to question what you believe, or not! It is time, or past time, to STOP!!!, To give pause! to consider alternative information!!! Remember that the Main stream media, is the group, that told you how important it is to keep your kids in school at this time!

The reasons behind this blog, is to be a voice of reason, or should I say, an alternative view! I am first to admit that sometimes my direction has changed. Many times I have chosen to redirect the way I have presented My chosen topic, the change of method on those topics has sometime lead to confusion, I want to make a statement! I am not trying to make you into Little ME! Take my thoughts, and consider them, but always it is up to you, to form your own answers in life! Most of all consider this! Changes to my approach are based on the fact I consider all views! I don’t reject opinion, until it is proven by objective reasoning, that it is false! I am hoping you do the same.

That said, My sad story, and topic for the day, is about the future! You may at first glance reject what I have to say! But rest assured, I have researched many nooks, and crannies, on the topic, and have reached a conclusion, that I now will share!

No one watching the economy, feels things are right with it! The NWO and the G7 tell you it is time for “the great reset!” The Anons, and Citizen journalists are talking NESARA/GESARA. This truth tells us that all factions are sure, the present economy will fail, sooner than later! If you are not new to my blog, you know I think the NWO reset has failed! The economic rebuild will be GESARA, of that I personally am sure!!!

So it is time to consider what that will mean to you, and your family! Mostly your children!

It is said that we have never known anything but lies! We are hearing that the show THE MATRIX is a documentary, mostly in my view, because, we live in a lie that leads to slavery, and we don’t even see it. The alarm is out over META, But I believe one fiction, is no more dangerous than the MATRIX fiction, we already are emersed in, as the statement goes! They are the same, only different!!!

To the point. No matter what you are willing to believe about the subject, the future will be drastically different than today! If you are championing for the NWO reset and the social credit score, you will own nothing, and through illusion, be happy! Your child, provided you don’t push the kill shot on them, Will live in full slavery to the elites who will decide if they eat or not, or if they have a roof over their head!!! If you have listened to the White Hats, you have seen them say it is about the children! I want to express that the statement is more than about the Child sex slavery going on with the elites, but also the future the children will have in a slave world with no option of change!!! This is mankind’s last chance!

Trump said that We( referring to the White Hat Military) has already won! This means that GESARA is our future! The MATRIX system is failing, with it’s complete system of lies. Your Children and Yourselves have been fully encompassed with an education of lies!!! The world will need to be re-educated, the old education of lies, will not serve anyone, in a world, that will have nothing but truth(consider replacing the word truth with Light!).

I plead with you!!! Knowing how little education will mean to your children in the future, no matter what the turn of events! It would be a bad choice to force the kill shot on your child, just so they could be educated with lies. This is the reason I tell you to STOP, and take a pause!