I address this post to all, but would like to explain what happened to my posts!

Well I moved. Not just a move but committed us to a longer term commitment. The issue has become Internet service. When I signed up with Verizon the company had good service covering most areas that I frequent. As of late the service they provide is much worse than it used to be, and where I now reside has totally unacceptable service, even the phone calls stinks.

This is not a complaint, it is a statement of my experience, and reason I have been unable to keep up with the news to share with You!

I have updated my service with another service provider the reason I am able to continue here! I don’t ask for any form of assistance to produce what I offer. For the most part I believe opinions should be offered without cost to those that must endure them. Because I am a pensioner, my income is small. I had to wait till the next income installment to upgrade, for those that have been waiting for my next post, it may have been painful, but it was necessary.

So I tell you my upgrade!!! I am happy to report my experience! I am now connected with StarLink. The initial investment was steep but the service is well worth it!

Here are the benefits:

  • With StarLink for RV’s the service can go where you go!
  • For RV’s My service was offered within 2 weeks at this time.
  • Having to choose a location with good service is a thing of the past!

If you consider the net not knowing where you are, if your GPS chip is disabled on your phone and you are using your now available WiFi hotspot. the “close to me” advantage no longer works, It has no Idea where you are! Because I have removed the SIM card from my phone ( I no longer pay for Verizon service) only the good guys know where I am.

Yes don’t get the wrong idea! Sat phones are able to be traced! but criminals have a hard time finding you!

On With The Intended Post!

Today is the Ninth of November, or 911 if you will! On the eighth of November In the US we had another crooked election! Nothing new for the Deep State, they have done it for years, however, once again they were caught doing it! Are You Upset!!! Well you have reason to be. What is important is the outcome, and we will talk about that now.

Many people have been staying on top of what the “White Hats” have been up to, but for those just tuning in I give you a couple of links that might settle you down!

The first gives possible events for the 8th of November, the last link explains what has happened and what number on the list took place. For those that want to read the list it can be found here