Today is 9/18/2022 and while I was listening to those people I will listen to, It occurred to me, that a black swan could happen tomorrow! What is tomorrow? The funeral of a British monarch! That explains why this posts title, if you have done your research, then you may have been thinking the same thing I am!

With all the hoopla leading up to Queen Lizzie’s Funeral, the million dollar question is:

  • Why would the MSM refuse to air the funeral?
  • Where in the world are you? Will you be able to remember where you were on 9/19/2022?
  • Could this be the event that will be remembered around the world forever?

To be honest, if the Media refuses to air this memorable event. The real event will prove to be more memorable than what you turned on the boob tube to watch! You could guess that should they refuse to air the event, the MSM will likely be shut down, and the EBS will go into effect!

I would like you to remember I am speculating! If you are reading my mind, then I congratulate you on your understanding! If you read my posts, then it is likely you are not really paying attention to the distractions, and are looking at what you know in your heart must happen, in the not to distant future!

May the God of all creation, bless you and keep you!