So you vote or you don’t. The reality is at this time it means very little. If you go to city hall and report illegal activity on the part of government authorities, It is basically a waste of time! Summed up in one statement we have heard all our lives, ” You can’t fight city hall “.

It turns out the reason you can’t fight city hall is you have not:

  1. Realized Your authority.
  2. You have not realized the Governments authority.
  3. You have not been shown the proper tools.

I will take the time to explain a short version of the authority structure:

  1. Mankind’s authority comes from God! God being the ultimate authority.
  2. Man made government, this gives Mankind authority over Government.
    1. Our government is a corporate entity, man made corporations.
  3. All entities under the umbrella of a government, are one level below those of the umbrella government.
  4. All agents of these entities, including the umbrella government, have only authority under or of the entity that created it!
  5. Mankind, having created the government has authority over the government they created, and all lower entities created by the government they serve.

The best example I can give is does the corporation have authority to break into your house? The answer is quite obvious to most. The answer, if they break into your house and take something they are thieves. So it is with any corporate entity, ( corporate entities like the FBI) that chooses outside of the letter of the law to do so!

It should be quite disturbing to the world populace to see such blatant abuse of power, anywhere in the world. Any Government, or should I say, any creation of mankind that tries to rule over it’s creators, should be disbanded immediately!

You can have your spirit lifted a little by realizing that there is a large and growing number of people, world wide, that are moving to do just that. The only affiliation these people have is a common belief in, and effort to regain, our God given right to freedom.

The only way to achieve the goal to disband an overreaching government is to use all the tools outside normal corrupted agencies, to do so. All the channels within the government, and out, that have anything to do with the foreign controlled B.A.R. that have been infiltrated from the beginning can not be trusted to do anything but, delay proper procedures till time constraints have rendered a remedy impossible. But we do have a tool outside of this remedy process that is offering hope!

HAVA title 3 Keep one thing in mind! If the people don’t have a voice! If the government has no ears to listen! Then the people loose their rightful authority! I don’t care what your affiliation, or who you vote for, What I want for you is your right for an honest vote. The first thing we must do is correct or remove any system that makes your voice not heard!

If you feel, or saw anything that wasn’t right in the primaries, it is your time to fix the overreaching government. This is a link to help you understand what we are up against. The need to act has never been greater, nor more urgent!!!