So! Like him or not, DJ Trump ushered in an age of understanding, or enlightenment, if you will! We started understanding our Matrix and what was called the Great Reset! We started hearing about the Q anon movement! And we started speculating who Q was. But what we really are learning, is what the Human race is! This revelation is the biggest of all revelations. In this understanding, we are beginning to see our origins, and what our faith is all about, put simply, we are understanding Creation!

Meta Verse

With your permission I would like to invite you into my world, or should I say my dream! I am in a valley surrounded by pine trees. In the valley is a cool forest stream. I am looking at the fish, because the stream is crystal clear, the water distorting the stones in the stream bed. The field has a few deer and a bunch of flowers, and I am soaking it all in.

You can see it, can’t you? My universe is created within, devoid of any news to distract my dream! I don’t even have to fill your mind with my dream, because you have your own! I encourage you to go there every moment that you can!

What Meta, the so called “new social media” is is just this kind of concept! The problem with their idea is they supply the dream, without your permission. I wonder, can’t you see that you can do it on your own, without them?


When I was young many households didn’t have one(tell-a-vision)! Our’s did! Black and white but I could swear in my memory the shows were color. With what I know now, did I recreate those shows in my universe in color? I saw the actors with my own colors, as an example, I may have seen hair that was red, as blonde, or green eyes as blue! What I do know today, is the story line was the objective!

What I noticed as I visited my friends, or what stuck out, was where there was a TV, the TV was the focal point in the master room of the house! The friends that didn’t have a TV, we conversed and enjoyed each others companionship. We built our own version of the world! Put simply, we created our own world, not someone else’s vision.

Where the TVs did exist, the environment seemed much different! Rather than create, we took up our time using things that were advertised. The wants and dreams were all similar based on the “shows” we watched as a small collective! However the collective was all the people watching the same thing!


Comes from troops marching as though they were robots! It makes a nice neat uniform inspiring troop, right? So lock step has reasoning behind it! You may have a hard time following this now, but by the time I am finished you will have a grasp of things!

News reporting uses lock step! You can look at the reporting as a kind of social credit score. After all, if a so called news reporting agency, doesn’t report something, they must not be worth their salt at getting out the word, right! Although this makes a little sense, The message sent is much more nefarious than meets the eye ( or should I say consciousness). Enter in MK Ultra!


This subject is new to me! If I explain the concept wrong, my hope is someone will tell me where I am off track, so we all can grow. I got this from an interview I saw with Q, and it is very deep. One could look at life as the Matrix! it has been said that the Matrix is a documentary so, I define it as follows:

We make our own reality! When we understand who we are, we can get a better understanding of this. we could understand things a little better if we consider a democracy is a collective of people voting for the desire of the whole! If in fact we did have a say! Just for the record In the US, the forefathers set our country up as a republic, based on the sovereign nature of mankind. So we should forget a democracy according to the constitution for the united States of America.

As a collective of Souls, we make our own reality. Almost! If we are all “Programmed” (think Tell-A-Vision) via lock step! We will create a world, not of our heart, but rather, by the manipulation through media. This world is quite different than the world we would create if we turned off all our devices. Think on this statement for a while!

What is in a Picture?

The simple answer, Memories!

In my younger life I was really into photography! Recording my life history was something I felt compelled to record on film. However I grew up, and hardly ever take a picture today! Honestly I can’t remember when the last time I took a look at my history as I recorded it back then.

There is a story on that, so I will share a little of it! After I lost my late wife, I would pull out the albums and they would fill my heart and my eyes with tears. The times I didn’t look over the albums, I could move forward, but alas when I would look at them, my progress was lost! I concluded that spending time in the past served nothing in my present, only pain. I do talk about my past to present a view, as I write, but little time is spent there. I no longer have those albums!

We live in the now! The past can not be changed! The future can be planned for, But this moment is all we really have. If we build for tomorrow, as we live today, our today will be more fulfilling, because of yesterday, but we live in the moment, and what we have created yesterday can serves us today.

What can I say in summary! The future and past serve nothing in the moment, except happiness, or sorrow. What we build in the moment from the heart, is joy to the extreme! sorrow is low frequency, joy from the heart is high frequency. to live in high frequency is to transcend! Do you get it?

I pulled from my life experiences, and this interview. No matter your walk of life, or belief system the interview could serve you well if, what I have written has moved you! May Source God move you and direct you!!!