Why mNRA?

Before I get started I want to clarify my view!

It doesn’t matter what I believe, what matters is what my enemy believes! I have been chasing after Alice, and the White rabbit, long enough to understand most what they believe, and that is what I present to you today. I pray that your faith is strengthened, not broken by what I present. I only seek to help you understand what I believe is happening. I encourage you to do your own research! What you will read is my conclusion, and may, or may not be a correct assumption.

OK, I promised to delve deeper into what I think is going on, so let’s get into it shall we? Just a warning! I will be speaking as though what I am saying is true, I leave that to you to decide. I will stretch your faith to a point, that you fear it will snap! How do I know this? Well read on!

In the beginning as is recorded in (san script). The gods came down from heaven (fallen angels, bible) and the Creator made earth their prison. This is where it gets foggy! Satan and his followers, it is said, came to earth to plunder earths riches. According to some, Satan found man in the garden and worked to make him a slave race to serve him and to mine all of earths riches. Some go as far as to say that eve bore Satan a child (cane).

Some say, Satan’s race had modified their DNA so much that they were no longer capable of reproduction (I guess timeline is important here, and I have not found such a timeline), and their DNA could not be reversed! But Satan also knew how far he could go, and proceeded. to modify mans DNA(Divine Natural Attributes) from its original 12 strands to its present 3 strands. The original 12 still are present ( science calls these extra strands junk DNA), but we know they are just deactivated. In reality, they are not experimenting with mNRA, as they lead you to believe! Their father (the father of all lies) has given them this knowledge.

But let’s dig a little deeper shall we? To assume that we are the most advanced generation of mankind is a myth so grand! it makes the myths of the past seem like a reality! And that my brothers and sisters is the point behind the myth!

Time has been measured from the beginning of recorded history, but why?

It is recorded in all parts of the world that a catastrophic flood destroyed all but a small part of mankind. One only need look around to see that such warnings are being pushed again! We as Christians believe that “God will not pour out his wrath on earth again”. Your enemy believes quite differently! Guess I didn’t need to tell you that though, did I? Well then, you ask, what do they believe?

Glad you asked!

They can show you different strata on the earth that says the earth has been pitched on it’s magnetic pole at least 5 times and believe that was what caused the flood. That’s right five times! You may be asking how they could know that. They know that because of all the tunnels that have been bored under the earths surface, and communication with Satan, that’s how! We are taught not to think about such things because it might hinder our walk, they know about the spirit world, and embrace it(much to their downfall)! Choosing the one and only living God, is important for your future, don’t ever forget that! Remember that knowing the truth will only enrich your walk!

It is said that the tunnels saved evil from that flood for another day! and that is one reason they have been building a place underground for themselves. It is said that the alignment of the planets signal the earth will be going through elements that change our DNA. These are being called portals, one of those portals is called the Lions gate! We are in that portal now! It is said that our DNA will be repaired to the original 12 strands with the bombardment of frequencies the gate provides.

This process, according to many, is what is called ascension in the bible, it is the shift from a 3D world to a 5D world!

This little side trip didn’t answer anything about their DNA efforts did it?

So back on track. Changing our DNA to 3 strands pushed us into a state of forgetfulness. This state of mind has kept us controllable, and in a state of confusion, not comprehending that we are God’s creation, and made in his image, because it is hard to see that in ourselves! Why is it so hard to understand this? Well because a good part of our DNA has been deactivated. Yes we have been modified so our image is not as true a reflection of God Creator, as it once was, to our detriment!

We are, that close, to becoming one with God again! That my brothers and sisters, is the reason for the mNRA work of Satan’s minions. But I digress.

The helix of the DNA is said to be an antenna that connects us to God! Just like any antenna, it’s length allows it to resonate better if it is “tuned” to the right frequency. All things are by design! Yes, even if you are designing for evil.

So how do they say it works?

In san script we see pictures of a third eye. we see what appears to be a pine cone on staffs. It appears that the ancients had more knowledge of the pineal gland than many have today! It is said that it is your God eye, or communicator conduit with God! Only the Crown chakra is above the conduit of chakras that ground you and send, and recieve, your communication with God! It doesn’t matter if you believe this. What is important is that your enemy does! That is why during satanic ritual, not only do they drink your life blood, they eat the pineal gland!

There are only a few satanists at the top of the pyramid, and there are many souls they want to control! They have been hard at work preparing for this ascension event. Watching the planets align and timing everything they could, so the masses didn’t wake up to soon! But they lost that battle.

In Hitler’s days they introduced Floride. This “rat poison” could control the population. With operation paper clip, they brought floride to the rest of the world! It gives people the, (excuse the language) “give a shit” attitude so prevalent today. It has one more effect! It calcifies the pineal gland! I can’t be sure this is the reason for adding floride to everything they can, but I don’t believe this result is a side effect, but is rather the intended result.

This is a little quiz:

How do you know if your pineal gland has been calcified? You don’t stand up for, and don’t care, if a child is abducted roughly every minute, to be used in satanic ritual sacrifice! and you do little to lessen the poisoning of your temple!

Other than the Pineal gland, what else are they doing. Shorting your DNA so it can’t be repaired, so you can’t communicate with God! Did you know that a shunt is placed on an antenna to change the frequency that it communicates at? It is said that the DNA is a memory so vast, it has your entire life written in it!

It is said, the Graphine in the shot, self assembles into a communication network using Bluetooth.

It is said, the mRNA hijacks your very DNA so the satanists can control you.

Is it then a stretch to believe that the shot is more than a kill shot! Is it then logical to believe that what we are witnessing is a hijacking of Gods creation to nullify the ascension process, that can create a collective of zombifide humans, to war against God in a final battle?

To Review:

  • Satanists are anal about following their father.
  • To know when you are being confronted by the enemy, you must know what they think.
  • They think there is nothing new under the Son.(So should You).
  • They know about chakras and the God eye(pineal gland).
  • They know how to poison you, and are trying to.
  • They know what is coming and what is already here.

And dare I say it! They know the faulty chinks in the armor of God you wear! How?

They put them there! (note: if you are wearing a condensed version of God’s Word, it has holes in it). Learn from the lost books of the bible how this is so!

You must make up your own mind where you stand, and who you stand with (we all must)!

May our God, Creator of All, and Source of our being, be with You! In Jesus!